Favorite Non-Lunch Posts from 2016

While a majority of my content in 2016 featured lunch, I am particularly proud of some of my non-lunch content. These are my favorites from 2016.


It was enjoyable to create this fresh fruit cake with my niece and nephews and I am told that it was delicious and memorable to eat. It was a perfect gift for their Mom (my sister-in-law).


My niece and I have a beautiful tradition of using a different craft technique each year to decorate eggs. This year was one of my favorites – Diorama Easter Eggs.


This birdseed covered miniature corn husk angel was time consuming to create but it paid off. I won a blue ribbon and best overall in the Flower Show Artistic division.


Sometimes the second try works out best as was the case for this Yoda ice cream treat. My nephew and I enjoyed making and eating this fun treat.


After making these 3D gingerbread table decorations for a house tour, I am interested in making more 3D decorations in the future.


I was very pleased with the cat themed ice cream sandwiches I made for a cat themed pool party. Adorable!

From watermelon cake to cat ice cream sandwiches, 2016 was memorable. I am looking forward to see which non-lunch posts I create in 2017! Any ideas for what I should make?

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16 Make Ahead Lunches or Dinners


I consider myself a vegetarian foodie. The meat eaters I normally make meatless lunches for are not. A majority of these meals I made for myself. They are wonderful make ahead lunches or dinners. I love the cottage cheese potato salad in this batch so much that I am thinking about making it again soon.

sundried tomato biscuits lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Sun-dried tomato scones, romaine with radish

Top Right: Broccoli

Bottom Right: Ricotta with basil and pine nuts

cottage cheese potato salad lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Green grapes

Bottom Left: Pistachios

Right Side: Mixed lettuce, potato salad (instead of mayonnaise, this recipe uses a dressing that contains cottage cheese and milk).

polenta and vegetable lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Polenta with red bell pepper and zucchini – slice prepared polenta (from tube), put slices on baking sheet, broil on each side for 5 min, add mozzarella cheese, broil 2 min or until browned. Saute red bell pepper and zucchini in a little bit of olive oil

Top Right: Pumpkin seeds

Bottom Right: Orange

vegetables with coconut sauce lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Zucchini and cauliflower served with this coconut sauce

Top Right: Jasmine rice with cashews

Bottom Right: Pink grapefruit

Silver Dollar pancakes on skewers lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Silver dollar pancakes, strawberries

Top Right: Granola

Bottom Right: Blueberries with plain Greek yogurt

pb celery snack lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Celery with peanut butter, pretzel goldfish in Mini Dippers, Cheddar cheese

Top Right: Raspberries

Bottom Right: Saltines

taco salad lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Raspberries, blueberries

Bottom Left: Mexican cheese blend

Right Side: Olives, tomatoes, black beans with salsa, lettuce

Above the Box: Mini Dippers with Taco Sauce, tortilla chips

pasta with blender sauce lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Cucumber with romaine lettuce

Bottom Left: Strawberry and green grapes

Right Side: Bow Tie pasta instead of linguine from Garden Veggie Linguine with Cilantro Pesto

apple cheddar walnut toasts lunch

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Apple, Cheddar and Walnut Toast

Top Right: Blueberries and plain Greek yogurt

Bottom Right: Mixed greens


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Strawberry cheese ball, carrots, mini pretzels, cucumber

Top Right: Blackberries, pineapple

Bottom Right: Focaccia 


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Mixed Berry Salad with Orange Honey Dressing, romaine- in Mini Dippers

Top Right: Flower tortilla chips

Bottom Right: Corn and Black Bean Salad (without sugar and cumin)


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Broccoli, pumpkin seeds, carrots, hummus

Top Right: Blueberries

Bottom Right: Pretzel bites


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Crepe with honey and berries

Bottom Left: Cucumber, carrots

Right Side: Taco crepes – black beans corn taco seasoning

Above the Box: Mini Dippers with salsa


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Strawberries

Bottom Left: Mixed nuts

Right Side: Rice with smoked paprika, cooked zucchini with broiled cheese


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Green olives with pimento, ricotta with dried seasoning mix, sugar snap peas, tomatoes

Top Right: Strawberries

Bottom Right: Corn, tomato, bell pepper, lime, salt, chili powder


Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Pepper jack cheese, pretzel twist

Top Right: Cucumber

Bottom Right: Mixed nuts

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Transportation Themed Lunches


Transportation themed lunches are fun for anyone to eat and easy to make using cookie cutters. Hot air balloon waffle, car shaped rice, mashed potato train, apple canoes and airplane pizza are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face.


I made this lunch for my waffle loving nephew. I enjoy finding new cookie cutter shapes to use with waffles.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Hot Air Balloon – waffle (cookie cutter), blueberries

Top Right: Hot Air Balloon – cucumber on bento pick, carrots

Bottom Right: Mini Dippers: Strawberry butter – I mixed fresh chopped strawberries with softened butter and added a little bit of confectionery sugar with a Hot Air Balloon cupcake ring.


I don’t use this book bento box often but many of the lunches I serve it in are often a favorite of mine.

Container: Book Bento Box

Contents: Car rice with spinach details, black beans, salsa, Cheddar cheese, blueberries, raspberries


I enjoy making Cheddar mashed potato shapes and most of my loved ones will eat it.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top: Cheddar mashed potatoes (cookie cutter), black olives and Cheddar details, green peas

Bottom Left: Watermelon train (cookie cutter), blueberries

Bottom Right: Cashews


This simple meal was made fun with mini canoe cookie cutters.

Container: LunchBots Trio

Top Left: Quinoa with Cheddar cheese

Top Right: Hummus, carrots

Bottom: Canoes – apples (cookie cutter) – dipped in water with lemon to prevent browning


Fly away with cheddar airplane pizza and an cinnamon airplane in Greek yogurt clouds.

Container: ECO Lunchboxes

Contents: Airplanes – Cheddar cheese pizzas (cookie cutter), cauliflower, cherry tomatoes

Round Container: Airplane – cinnamon sugar (cookie cutter as stencil), Greek yogurt

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Lasagna Star Lunch


I made this star themed lasagna lunch for my 14 year old nephew to take to school. He loves my lasagna and a star theme seems fitting. This lunch was made to be reheated since he has a microwave available at school.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Homemade lasagna baked without mozzarella cheese on top, mozzarella cheese cut into stars with a cookie cutter and added to cool lasagna

Top Right: Cashews

Bottom Right: Raspberries

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Dinosaur and Turkey Lunches


Today I have 2 meals I made for my 12 year old nephew – dinosaur and turkey themed. In both cases he had other food to supplement.

I enjoy making shaped bread and the people in my life enjoy eating it. I received a request to make another dinosaur themed lunch with kiwi and I was happy to make it.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: T-Rex bread (cookie cutter) with food marker detail – made using this recipe, Cheddar cheese

Top Right: Red and green bell pepper

Bottom Right: Dinosaur Egg – kiwi


This meal can be a snack or a light meal or add Greek yogurt or nuts to make it more substantial.

Container: LunchBots Trio

Top Left: Turkey – cheese quesadilla (cookie cutter)

Top Right: Strawberries

Bottom: Cucumber and carrots

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Space Themed Pizza Lunches


I am interested in space and have a reasonably sized space themed cookie cutter collection. When viewing my collection I decided to make several space themed pizza lunches. My nephews helped me out by eating these meals.


This is my second attempt at a pizza rocket. The spinach details helped it to look more like a rocket.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Rocket pizza (cookie cutter) with spinach details, blackberries

Top Right: Stars – Trader Joe’s star cookies with pop-rocks

Bottom Right: Stars – Cheddar cheese (cookie cutter), sugar snap peas


This pizza is supposed to be the man on the moon. As usual my nephew liked it and was especially happy to get chocolate with the meal.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Man on the Moon – homemade pizza with black olive details

Top Right: Mini Milky Way bar

Bottom Right: Blackberries


I had trouble making alien pizza. This is my second try – I think that the octopus cookie cutter helped it look better.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Planet – apple rings with cinnamon

Bottom Left: Carrot Stars (cookie cutter), blackberries

Right Side: Alien pizza – used octopus cookie cutter, Wilton candy eyes


I love my vintage astronaut cookie cutter. I used it to make toasted bread for the salad.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Astronaut – toasted bread (cookie cutter), romaine, black olives

Top Right: Chocolate pudding, sprinkle stars

Bottom Right: Star pizza (cookie cutter)


I made this pizza with orange Cheddar cheese so it would look more like a planet.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top Left: Blueberries and strawberries

Bottom Left: Aliens – green olives with food marker details, space picks

Right Side: Homemade pizza with orange Cheddar cheese

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Christmas Tree Bread Lunch


I made this Christmas tree bread themed lunch for my nephew. Bread and cheese lunches are always popular.

Container: Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Kit

Top Left: Kiwi

Bottom Left: Carrots

Right Side: Christmas Tree bread using this recipe, decorated with green sanding sugar and cinnamon decorations, Cheddar cheese

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