5 Snoopy Themed Lunches

I am excited about seeing the Peanuts Movie with my nephews tonight. In anticipation of the movie opening, I made these Snoopy bento lunches. I am also in the process of making an ice cream cake for dessert tonight that I hope will have a chocolate Snoopy on top. If it turns out alright I will add a photo to the end of this post. (Edited: see the end of this post for a photo of my cake)

Snoopy and Woodstock Rice

I made this lunch for my niece. I got a little crazy with the turmeric as a natural way to dye the rice yellow, I don’t know if she even tried it but she did not eat Woodstock. I did have an extra Snoopy that I gave to her.

Container: Blue Box from Japan

Top Tier: Black beans and salsa, Woodstock – cooked Nishiki rice with turmeric (too much), spinach details, Snoopy – cooked Nishiki rice with spinach details. I used these rice molds and this to make the facial features.

Bottom Tier: Blueberries, sliced almonds

Easy Snoopy Quesadilla Lunch

I am not pleased with this lunch because it started with forethought and ended in a hurry. But that is realistic. I almost did not include it here because I was not sure if it looked like Snoopy. If I had left myself more time, I would have made two Snoopy quesadillas, added vegetables near the Snoopy and somehow colored in the ear (with either chocolate or food coloring in water).

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top: Snoopy – cheese quesadilla with dried blueberry eye and dried cherry nose

Bottom Left: Charlie Brown’s shirt – pineapple with chocolate

Bottom Right: Peanuts

Snoopy Sandwich Stamp Lunch

This is a lunch of substitutions. I did not have these cute Snoopy containers so I put a sticker on a plain container. The only Peanuts stickers I had were for St. Patrick’s Day so I cut off the St. Patrick’s Day part. I do not have cute Snoopy picks but I had Snoopy push pins from my childhood. I would like to make them into food safe picks but I used them as-is for this lunch. I would not recommend using push pins in a lunch for children but I made this lunch for myself.

Container: LunchBots Trio

Left Side: Blackberries

Top Right: Stamped sandwiches – used these, peanut butter on wheat bread

Bottom Right: Broccoli, ranch in red cup

Bagels with Snoopy Cheese lunch

This lunch for my nephew was easy to make. I used this idea to decorate cheese to look like Snoopy.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Mini poppy-seed and cheese bagels, Cheddar cheese with snoopy (food coloring marker)

Top Right: Sugar snap peas

Bottom Right: Blackberries

Mini Dippers: Pistachios

Snoopy Stencil Rice

Here is another quick and easy lunch to make.

Container: Book Bento Box

Contents: Cooked Nishiki rice with Italian seasoning blend sprinkled over stencil, black beans (under the rice), blueberries and raspberries

Snoopy Ice Cream Cake

Here is my ice cream cake with a chocolate Snoopy garnish. I loosely followed this recipe but did not make my own fudge and did not make stabilized whipped cream because I don’t use gelatin. My nephews enjoyed the cake!

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