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Alien Pasta

This is an example of how to make leftovers (spinach linguini with garlic and olive oil and a little bit of pie crust) fun. It became an Alien / Space themed lunch. With the aid of cookie cutters you can … Continue reading

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President’s Day Lunches

In celebration of President’s Day I made George Washington and Abraham Lincoln themed lunches. These were easy to make with cookie cutters. It is convenient and often healthier to have make ahead meals for myself in the refrigerator. Container: EasyLunchBoxes … Continue reading

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Heart Shaped Valentine Dinner

Happy Valentine’s Day! I made this heart themed dinner for my parents. They loved it! It was a little labor intensive since I made homemade ravioli. But I did use store bought ricotta cheese. My Mom said that I can … Continue reading

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Hand Embroidery NY Towels

I am a maker. I delight in producing something that I make with my hands. I find it relaxing but it is more than that. It is part of who I am. When life gets rough and I find myself thrown … Continue reading

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World Cities Bento Lunches

Today I have four world cities represented in lunches – Sydney, London, Paris, and New York. They are not very accurate from a food standpoint but it was a fun way to celebrate the spirit of each city. I hope … Continue reading

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4 Meatless Lunches

Container: U Konserve Contents: French bread with brie, green beans, blackberries Container: Fit & Fresh Bento Lunch Kit Left Side: French bread with broiled mozzarella cheese Top Right: Peaches, blackberries, cinnamon Bottom Right: Carrots Container: U Konserve Contents: Burrito – … Continue reading

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Leftover Ravioli for Lunch

I found these beautiful ravioli and served them for dinner. They made perfect leftovers for lunch meals. I don’t mind eating cold ravioli but these lunches can also be heated in a microwave. Container: EasyLunchBoxes Left Side: Mushroom ravioli, with … Continue reading

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