Vegetarian Turkey Thanksgiving Lunch

Turkey Themed Lunch

As a vegetarian, the holiday of Thanksgiving does not thrill me. Some years my family has prepared ethnic vegetarian food instead of the traditional turkey. Usually my focus for cute Thanksgiving themed food is the cornucopia made out of bread. This year I wanted to make a turkey themed lunch and use my turkey cookie cutter. So I made a vegetable turkey. I hope that you can tell it is supposed to be a turkey. I was very pleased with the look and taste of my Three Sisters vegetable side dish. I actually heated this in a microwave before eating. The applesauce was good warm.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Turkey: Broccoli turkey (I filled a cookie cutter with broccoli and packed rice around it), assorted mini peppers for body, eye (food marker), Nishiki rice with some paprika sprinkled on top

Fruit: Applesauce with some cinnamon

Three Sisters: Corn, kidney beans, and zucchini. The traditional 3 sisters squash is winter squash. I used green summer squash for my squash because they looked good at my grocery store and it is easier to cook than fresh winter squash. I enjoyed the combination.

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4 Responses to Vegetarian Turkey Thanksgiving Lunch

  1. Have a happy vegetarian Thanksgiving!! Looks perfect!

  2. I like your turkey. It looks like a map of the United States.

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