Race Car Lunch

race car lunch

I made this lunch for my friend Mark to take home to have another time. He selected the theme and seemed happy with it. I love it when people in my life request fun food!

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Race Car – hot Nishiki rice pressed into a car shaped container lined with plastic wrap, firmly press down, then carefully lift the rice out of the container. Brush some salsa on top of the rice. 42 – cut the numbers out of cucumber with a cookie cutter. (I didn’t attach them with spaghetti since I didn’t want holes in the cucumber but it is a way to help the numbers stay in place). Black beans, corn, and salsa.

Top Right: Pistachios

Bottom Right: Racing Flag – checkered apple with cinnamon

  1. Follow this checkered apple tutorial
  2. Add cinnamon to the white squares
  3. Carefully remove the other pieces of apple

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