New Years Eve Party 2023

I am a true morning person. I am normally awake and active by 5 am. Staying up until midnight is rare for me even on New Years Eve. This year when my 20 year old niece made plans to be with me and my parents for New Years Eve we planned a little party for the 4 of us. We decided to celebrate midnight in London and live streamed their countdown and fireworks (7pm Eastern). We had appetizers just after 5 pm and dessert and toast at 7 pm. My parents drank champagne, my niece and I drank white grape juice with plain seltzer. A memorable and fun time was had by all!


  • Balloons from Wegmans
  • 2023 sign my niece and I made from paper (she did most of it)
  • 23 Hershey Kisses with festive stickers – we cut with the right sized round punch I already had
  • Clock paper napkins
  • Gold horns
  • Drinking Sheep Pub Gingerbread


  • Nuts
  • Assorted Olives
  • Cheese Plate with Kerry Cheddar and Blue Cheese
  • Asparagus Phyllo
  • Dad’s Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Individual Clock Pies – Coconut Cream and Chocolate with pie crust numbers and clock hands

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