Gingerbread Sheep Pub

I helped my niece make a gingerbread house this year that was inspired by one of my mom’s fairy houses. At my mom’s lake house my niece sets up the fairy houses, and each year she puts all of the sheep figurines near and on top of the pub because the sheep sometimes like to go overboard.

Gingerbread Recipe: I used this recipe.

Royal Icing Recipe: I love using this recipe which uses Meringue Powder. It hardens fast and in works very well.

Front of the Pub: We used a Milano cookie for the door with a black candy ball for the door handle and blue sugar pieces in royal icing as the door window. Then additional windows were piped on using more royal icing and purple sugar sprinkles. On the top window there are two birds in love at the pub.

Back of the Pub: The chimney was made by sticking muli-colored jelly beans into royal icing.

Side of the Pub: The window was made by hot gluing gold quality gelatin sheets from the back of the pre cut window hole. Then a banner was made using muli-colored candy stars stuck into royal icing and candy birds were added.

Roof: A thatched roof was made using whole grain spaghetti stuck into royal icing. Then gummy bears were put into royal icing for the top of the roof. Sheep were stuck onto the roofs with more royal icing with their beer mugs since the sheep went a little crazy at the pub.

Ground/Grass: The ground was covered with green royal icing using the Wilton 4B decorating tip to make the icing look like grass.

Sheep: Gingerbread sheep were cut out using my many sheep cookie cutters, and un-dyed royal icing was used as the sheep’s coat. For the eyes black candy balls were used and the mouth was made out of candy cane sprinkles (and one mouth was made using a pink jimmy). The sheep were then glued to the top of the roof or stuck into ground.

Beer Sign: The base of the sign is gingerbread cut into two squares. For the front of the sign tweezers were used to write out “BEER” with candy balls in the royal icing and two candy carrots were put in the corners. The back of the sign was made using purple sugar sprinkles in royal icing and two star anise. Once both pieces were dry they were glued together with royal icing so they would stand up when placed in the front of the pub.

Tables and Beer Mugs: The tables were made by microwaving caramel squares in the microwave for 5 seconds then stretching. Then tootsie rolls were cut in half and glued to the bottom with royal icing. The beer mugs were also made using cut in half tootsie rolls with two small pieces of whole grain spaghetti stuck into the tootsie rolls for the handles. For the beer mugs on the tables white candy balls were placed onto the tootsie roll with tweezers to make foam.

Front Path: A path was made using candy stars and gummy bears to line the path.

New techniques tried this year: 

  • Using spaghetti to make a thatched roof and gummy bears for the top of the roof
  • Delicate tweezer work for writing letters and adding details
  • Beer mug handle
  • Piped green grass

My Gingerbread Collection: Go here to see most of my gingerbread creations.

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