Gingerbread Repository

Updated on 12/30/22.

Over the years, I developed a love for making gingerbread creations. When people ask to see my gingerbread, I am happy to now have all of my gingerbread adventures in one place. I will update this post whenever I create new gingerbread displays.

Trader Joe’s Gingerbread Kit – 2022

Japanese Shrine and Garden – 2021

Gingerbread Castle – 2020

Gingerbread Village with Swans and Bridge

Gingerbread Village – 2019

Christmas Train Gingerbread

Santa Train and Depot 2018

Small Blue Gingerbread House on Cake Stand

Little Blue Gingerbread House 2018

Row Houses at Christmas Gingerbread

Row Houses 2017


3D Star and Tree Gingerbread 2016

Gingerbread Bakery Front

Tudor Bakery 2015

A-frame Gingerbread House Candy Cane Roof Front

A-Frame 2014


I offered some assistance and facilitated the making while other people made the following gingerbread:

Gingerbread Sheep Pub 2022

Three Little Pigs Gingerbread

Three Little Pigs 2018


House Along Stream with Fountain 2017

Winter Scene Gingerbread House Front

Sugar and Spice 2015

Necco Gingerbread House Front

Traditional House 2015

Gingerbread House Another View

Candy Cane House 2014

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