Little Blue Gingerbread House

Small Blue Gingerbread House on Cake Stand

I made this small blue gingerbread house to practice techniques. The following techniques were new to me: flooding with royal icing, lights, decorative edging on the seams, open door, and gelatin windows attached with melted sugar. It was also new to put my gingerbread house on a Styrofoam base and cake stand. I think that it looks cute!

Gingerbread house: I used this template.

Gingerbread Recipe: I used this recipe.

Royal Icing Recipe: I love using this recipe which uses Meringue Powder. It hardens fast and works very well.

Roof: Mini Snow-Caps

Walls: Flooded with blue Royal Icing. I used a lot of blue gel coloring and it was still light. I need more practice with this technique but I like the look of it.

Windows: Silver decorating balls around windows attached with Royal Icing, I melted some sugar and attached the gelatin sheet with the hot caramel. (I tried this because I attached the Depot windows with Royal Icing and it only held for a few weeks.)

Doors: White Royal Icing covered with blue sanding sugar

Birds: Wilton sugar birds

Lights: Battery operated LED star lights

Tree: Ice cream cone covered with Royal Icing and large blue sugar pieces

Base: Green round Styrofoam, covered with heavy duty aluminum foil, attached ribbon with hot glue

Blue Tree Gingerbread House

Blue Gingerbread House Close

Gingerbread House Battery Pack

Snow Caps Roof Blue Gingerbread House

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