Giraffe Themed Lunches

Giraffes for Lunch

This lunch is in celebration of Giraffe’s returning to the Seneca Park Zoo. (I was told that they once had visiting giraffes but it was before my time in Rochester.) I made this snack lunch for myself on a day that Carol and I went on a Habitat garden tour. It was my first time adding details to only part of a homemade tortilla chip. (I did the same with Carol’s zebra tortilla chips that I published earlier this week.) This may not look like much but the hummus, tortilla chips, and nuts make this meal over 400 calories.

Containers: U Konserve

Square Container: Macadamia nuts, giraffe tortilla chips – cut flour tortillas with a cookie cutter, place on cookie sheet sprayed with cooking spray, spray shapes with cooking spray, sprinkle with paprika in spots (I used the end of a straw) and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes or until lightly browned and crisp, green grapes, sugar snap peas

Round Container: Giraffe – carrot (cut with a cookie cutter), hummus

Other Giraffe themed meals:

Giraffe Bread Lunch

I made this Homemade Giraffe Bread for myself in 2013.


I made this Giraffe Quesadilla for a nephew in 2013.

Mashed Potato Valentine Giraffe Lunch

I made this Mashed Potato Giraffe in 2018 for my friend Dennis.

Africian Animal Muffin Tin Meal.jpg

I created this 3D Giraffe Quesadilla in 2015 for a nephew.

3D Giraffe Elephant crackers

In 2015 I made 3D Giraffe Crackers to serve with soup.

Thanks for looking at my assortment of giraffe themed food. If you make food that looks like a giraffe or visit a giraffe, I would love to hear about it.

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