3D Animal Shaped Crackers with Soup

3D Giraffe Elephant crackers

I love using cookie cutters for savory food. Instead of making cookies I used these 3D cutters to make giraffe and elephant shaped crackers. This was actually the second time I attempted this. Make sure when you cut out the shapes that you push the leg openings a little bit together. Cracker dough does not expand the same way that cookie dough does so you need to make the openings more narrow.

Soup with 3D animal crackers

I wanted to serve these crackers with soup so I made this celery soup (with vegetable stock) to use up celery that I had in the house.

These were fun to make and eat. If I make them again I will experiment with different seeds and rubs to add color and details to the animals.

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  1. Silas says:

    I really like the elephant

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