3D Gingerbread Table Decorations


A few weeks ago, my garden club was involved in a holiday house tour. Garden clubs each decorated a house for Thanksgiving or Christmas and members of the community paid to tour the houses. Since making arrangements is not my strength, I volunteered to make 3D gingerbread decorations for the table. Members of my garden club made the arrangements seen in these photos.


The table in the house was huge! We set for 10 since we wanted to leave room at the ends for the crowds of people touring the house. I used a 3D cutter set from IKEA to make the stars and trees out of gingerbread. I used this recipe for the gingerbread. It was my first time using 3D cutters with gingerbread. I needed to cut the cooled cookies to enlarge the openings so they would fit together. I tried spreading the gingerbread slots apart more before baking but cutting them to fit worked better. To decorate the stars and trees I piped royal icing, mixed gold and silver sanding sugar and pressed it into the royal icing.


3D stars


3D trees


If you make 3D gingerbread decorations for your holiday table, I would love to see a photo.

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4 Responses to 3D Gingerbread Table Decorations

  1. Mary Lee says:

    Sweet gingerbread decorations and the table was beautiful!!! That must have been a wonderful house tour. 💖🎄💖

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. HappyFamily says:

    What a fun idea. Never thought of this.


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