Polenta Gingerbread Man

Polenta Gingerbread Man

I made this adorable Polenta Man meal for my friend Mark. He had an awesome smile when he opened the lid to reveal this meal.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Gingerbread Man – polenta made with broth and cornmeal (stir 1/2 cup cornmeal into 1 cup of vegetable broth, heat at medium-low heat while stirring, when it becomes a ball and is somewhat firm, remove from heat and spread onto a plate at the desired thickness for your cookie cutter. When cool, cut with a cookie cutter), Mouth – radish cut with a mini bento face cutter, Eyes and buttons – spinach cut with a mini bento face cutter, Scarf – green bell pepper, Spanish Garbanzo Beans

Top Right: Gingerbread Men – cucumber cut with a cookie cutter, carrots

Bottom Right: Gingerbread Men – apples dipped in water with lemon to prevent browning, cinnamon details (sprinkle cinnamon on a plate, dip end of a round end toothpick in water then in cinnamon, dab cinnamon covered toothpick on apple)

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