Gingerbread House with Candy Cane Fountain


My 13 year old nephew made a gingerbread house at my place. I love how it turned out! He did not have any special candy requests, he said he wanted to use my leftovers (from my creation for the Eastman Sweet Creations). I think it is awesome how he reused what I had left (tree and reindeer). He even took an idea that I could not figure out – use a waffle cup bowl to make a fountain, and he made an awesome and easy fountain. My 19 year old niece and I were his assistants but he had the vision and did a majority of the work.

Template: Cakes by Catriona Gingerbread House Template

Gingerbread dough: Gingerbread dough recipe

Royal Icing: Royal Icing recipe

Gingerbread House Overview.jpg

Roof: Sour Jacks lemonade candy, Twizzlers, mini gum drops

Door: Pepperidge Farm Milano cookie

Pathway: Mini M&M’s

Stream: Large sanding sugar, rocks – broken Oreo cookies, fish – Swedish fish

Fountain: Waffle cone cup, royal icing, fine sanding sugar, candy canes, string licorice

Windows: Large sanding sugar, white chocolate mini Kit Kats (split in half for shutters), string licorice

Greenery: Spearmint leaves (some cut), royal icing covered ice cream cone

Gingerbread House Side

Gingerbread Reindeer Close.jpg

Gingerbread House 1

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