Flying Reindeer Salad

Flying Reindeer Lunch

This Flying Reindeer Salad was served for lunch at my parents home on December 24, 2016. I did not post it last year because I was busy getting ready to leave for a month in Japan. The concept was one that I had in mind for awhile. Executing it was not effortless. It was a very difficult time for me since my life had drastically changed and I was in transition. It was not easy to make the reindeer fly or even to make the carrots and kohlrabi reindeer stay together long enough to fly. I would have given up but my Mom was a force to be reckoned with. She took it on as a labor of love to try to make her very sad daughter happy and she was determined to make those reindeer stay together and fly. My Mom worked so hard and had my father help her.

If you want to make your own Flying Reindeer Salad you need:

It will take some practice, patience, and determination to make these reindeer fly. You also need some imagination to remove the wooden skewer in your mind and only see the reindeer flying. We had to make 7 but if you have a smaller party it would be easier.

Originally I wanted it to be entirely edible and thought about using spaghetti to attach the reindeer to the base carrot but of course it was not strong enough.

Flying Reindeer Close up

The entire meal did not get photographed or completed to plan, but here was the original menu:

  • Flying Reindeer Saladgreen salad with vegetable 3D reindeer flying above – vinaigrette or ranch dressing
  • Reindeer rolls
  • Shaped butter
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Apple Cheddar Soup
  • Reindeer / Santa Dessert – mini sugar cookie sleigh & reindeer with chocolate santa and some gift of berries in mini silicone cups with whipped cream

Flying Reindeer exposed

In the photo above you can see the base carrot exposed.

reindeer rolls

These reindeer rolls look sad to me but looking at them now makes me laugh and my guests enjoyed them. It is a recipe that I often use when making shaped bread for packed lunches.

Christmas Shaped Butter

I use chocolate, sugar, or other plastic or silicone molds to shape butter. It is always a hit with my guests. I only have a vague recollection of last year since I was in a fog of sadness but I think I used a silicone mold to shape softened butter and then put it in the freezer.

Easy sleigh dessert

I had intended to make 3D sleighs in some ways similar to this. But it did not happen. So we improvised with this simple and equally delicious dessert. Sugar cookie, blueberries, and whipped cream.

I had an amazing year and have come so far since that reindeer meal. Too bad I could not have told that sad woman how awesome 2017 would be for her. I would have also told her that her somewhat “failed” meal would end up being a happy memory and reminder of how much her family loves her.

Note: If you decide to make some reindeer fly over your salad, I would love to see photos of it.

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