Gingerbread Japanese Shrine and Garden

This year was my 5th consecutive year making gingerbread for Sweet Creations at the Eastman Museum. This is a concept I have considered since 2016. I am glad that I finally made it. It will be on display at the museum until January 2, 2022. Reservations are required. For the second year, the auction to benefit the museum is now online. Go here to see all of the creations and to place a bid.

Gingerbread Recipe: I used this recipe.

Royal Icing Recipe: I love using this recipe which uses Meringue Powder. It hardens fast and in works very well.

Torii (Gate): Cardboard frosted with royal icing (I made several gingerbread cookies in this shape but most broke)

Wall near rock garden: Pretzel sticks

Rock Garden: Royal icing with shredded unsweetened coconut

Moss Balls: Moss cookies

Pathway: Lemon pez frosted onto cardboard to make placement easier

Tree: Gingerbread with green royal icing and coconut dyed green

Stream: Royal icing with blue sanding sugar, lined with candy rocks

Bridge: Gingerbread

Red Koi: Mini Swedish Fish

White Koi: Fondant with black food coloring

Stepping Stones: Candy rocks

Moss Ground Cover: Coconut with green food coloring

Fox Statues: Fondant on top of caramels

Stairs: Wafer cookies

Hill for Shrine: Rice Krispy treat made in a loaf pan, covered with grey fondant

Shrine Roof: Gingerbread baked with small foil balls underneath to bring up the corners, black Royal Icing, licorice tires

Shrine Balcony: Gingerbread covered with edible gold leaf

Shrine Sign: Fondant wrote with toothpick with paste food coloring (I wrote the word “Shrine” in Japanese)

Shrine Curtain: Fresh lasagna noodle cut, used a small stamp and food coloring market to print design on the noodle.

Shrine details: White fondant

New techniques I tried this year: 

  • I used edible gold leaf for the first time!
  • I stamped a pattern onto a fresh lasagna noodle.

My Gingerbread Collection: Go here to see most of my gingerbread creations.

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