Friendiversary Dinner

My friend Deborah and I celebrated our 4 year friendiversary with a dinner at my home. (I was in the middle of decorating my dining room for Christmas.) I don’t know the date I became friends with the other people in my life. I know the date with Deborah because we met at a Vegetarian meetup dinner in 2018. I only went to that dinner because I was curious to meet a man who was the leader of the group. My relationship with the man lasted a about a year. Deborah and I happened to sit next to each other at the dinner and immediately found we had a lot in common. She is one of favorite friends to walk with since she will walk in nearly any weather. I am grateful for our friendship.

Crispy Vegan Quinoa Cakes – This recipe had clear directions and worked out perfect.

Chickpea Shakshuka

Berry and Fruit Crisp – Deborah made this delicious dessert

My critique of the meal: 

We loved the Crispy Quinoa Cakes. I would make them again. I also liked that they are make ahead and then sauté before serving. The Chickpea Shakshuka was delicious but I want to also experiment with different accompaniments the next time I make the Quinoa Cakes. As usual, Deborah makes a delicious fruit crisp.

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