Travel to See Mt Fuji and Bento Lunch

Mt Fuji Bento Lunch

This is the third article in my series of travel photos and bentos inspired by my trip to Japan. My Mom wanted to to see Mt. Fuji. We knew it is often covered by clouds. Since we had a Japan Rail Pass we planned a day trip from Kyoto. We decided not to do any of the tourist excursions to get close to it. Our plan was to go to Shin-Fuji station, see Mt. Fuji (hopefully), then spend some time in Shizuoka before returning to Kyoto.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Mt. Fuji made from Nishiki rice, covered with spinach leaves (quickly microwaved until the leaves wilted a little), shredded taco cheese, raw broccoli

Top Right: Watermelon cubes

Bottom Right: Plain Greek Yogurt with some honey underneath (this represents Fuji behind the clouds)

Shinkansen Bento Lunch

I am not experienced with mashed potato sculpture but I tried it for this Shinkansen – Bullet Train meal. It turned out a little wonky but I like it. My husband ate this meal.

Container: Black Bento Box

Small Tier: Dried apricot, dried cherries, pecans and sliced almonds

Large Tier: Shinkansen – Bullet Train (mashed potatoes with garlic powder and cheddar cheese; spinach details), cooked broccoli

Paper Bullet Train Toy

Paper Shinkansen Toy

We took the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) many times in Japan. Some of these photos are from trips other than our day trip to see Mt. Fuji. The photo above and below were taken at Shin-Osaka Station.

Shinkansen Display

Shinkansen Diorama

Shinkansen Sweets Ad

Advertisement for Shinkansen Treats

I never did see the actual sweets (above) but I took a photo of this cute sign at Shin-Osaka station.

Shinkansen Worker

Shinkansen Employee on Platform

Shinkansen employees were very helpful to make sure we were in the correct place. At first we were confused about the different locations on the platform we needed to wait for our reserved car depending on how many cars were on the particular train. After we figured it out it seemed obvious as the signs for the coming trains indicate how many cars. But I do have a policy I started in Japan many years ago. Before I get on a train, I ask someone else waiting (using Japanese) to make sure I am getting on the correct train. I have never been wrong as the station platforms provide plenty of information but it makes me feel more comfortable.

Arriving Shinkansen

Arriving Shinkansen

Ready to board bullet train

Waiting to Board

Palm  Trees from Shinkansen

View from Shinkansen

It was exciting to see the scenery and palm trees from our Shinkansen window. It was especially appealing since we are from New York State and typically don’t see palm trees.

Bullet Train Seat Back

Car Map on Back of Seat

The maps on the seat backs in the trains were helpful. It made it easy to find the location of bathrooms, vending machines, and garbage cans. Also as is my nature, I love information.

Train travel in Japan is very comfortable and convenient. It was such a pleasure to ride the Shinkansen!

Mountain View from Bullet Train

View from Shinkansen

Shizuoka Tea from Shinkansen

Tea near Shizuoka

Many years ago I took this same route past Shizuoka so I knew to look out for the tea as we passed by. Shizuoka is known for green tea.

Tea from Shinkansen

Another View of Tea from Shinkansen

Shin-Fuji Station No Fuji

No Mt. Fuji Covered with Clouds

We took the Shinkansen to Shin-Fuji station because a friend told me it was closer than Shizuoka to see Mt. Fuji. I asked a man (fellow traveler) on the platform where Mt. Fuji was located. He pointed to the area covered with clouds. I had seen Mt. Fuji before but it would have been my Mom’s first time. We were fully aware that it would be possible to not see it. I think that I was more disappointed than my Mom was. But we had a nice but simple lunch at the train station and the information lady was very kind.

Fuji Shy Certificate

Front and Back of Mt. Fuji is Shy Certificate

Since we were unable to see Mt. Fuji due to cloud cover, the information lady gave us these certificates. They are stamped with the day of visit and have a beautiful photo of Mt. Fuji on one side.

Shizuoka near Tokugawa Park

Shizuoka near Park with Tokugawa Statue

Sunpujo Park Shizuoka Info

Sampujo Park Map

After Shin-Fuji Station (I had allowed ourselves only about 30 minutes there) we continued on to Shizuoka where we stayed a few hours. A friend mentioned that Sumpu Park was located not far from the Shizuoka Station. It was a beautiful day for a walk. Castle ruins from Tokugawa Ieyasu and a statue of him are located at the park. At first I could not find the statue. I was determined to find it as I had studied Japanese history in college. I asked a woman sitting on a bench with a young child, she told me it was behind me! So funny. I just had to turn around from where we were to see it.

From the little we experienced of Shizuoka we thought it was a nice city and would like to go back again to spend more time there.

Plum Tree Shizuoka

Plum Tree in Shizuoka

Sampu Castle Park Sign

Information about Sampu Castle Ruins

Tokugawa Statue

Tokugawa Statue

Fuji Souvenirs

Mt Fuji Souvenirs at Train Station

Fuji Tea Products for sale at Shizuoka Station

Fuji Tea Products for Sale at Shizuoka Station

I loved this Mt. Fuji shaped metal box. I did not care what was inside of it. But I asked myself, “Did I really need a Mt. Fuji shaped metal box?” Ultimately the answer was no.

Mt Fuji Pound Cake

Mt Fuji Pound Cake

Mt Fuji Ekiben

Mt Fuji Ekiben (Train Station Bento)

Since I am fascinated by bento and Ekiben (train station bento) of course I took a photo of the Mt. Fuji shaped bento.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my Shinkansen photos, our day trip to see Mt. Fuji and Shizuoka and my inspired bento lunches. Even though we did not see Mt. Fuji we had a wonderful day trip!

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