Children’s Day Japan Themed Food

Childrens Day Japan pizza

Today we are celebrating Children’s Day in Japan (Kodomonohi). I have celebrated Girl’s Day (Hinamatsuri), and the Star Festival (Tanabata) several times but this is my first time sharing Children’s Day food on my blog.

Carp shaped wind socks are common in Japan for Children’s Day. I made a simple homemade Koinobori pizza. My pizza has tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, black olive & mushroom (eye), green pepper for the scales.

Chlidrens day Japan lunch

This is an simple quesadilla lunch dressed up for Children’s Day.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Cheese quesadilla with Origami style Kabuto hat drawn with food coloring marker.

Top Right: Koinobori cheese with food marker details, cucumber

Bottom Right: Apple

Happy Children’s Day!

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