Osaka – Kyoto Travel and Bento Lunch

Glico Sign Osaka Bento Lunch

Continuing in my 2017 Japan Travel and Bento series I have Osaka and Kyoto. After Niigata, I flew to Osaka. A language partner who lives in Ibaraki City graciously invited me to stay with her and her family for a week.

This bento lunch is my interpretation of the Glico Sign as a quesadilla. I am sorry to say that my “o” looks like an “a”. I thought about re-doing it but decided to keep it as is.

Glico Sign Osaka

preschooler Japan

Simple Japanese Garden

Name Chopsticks

My language partner gave me chopsticks with my name on them! Very special.

Tale of Genji Museum Uji

I went to the Tale of Genji museum because I went to Uji for the day and read the tale in college. The last time I was in Uji, in 1992, the museum did not exist. My favorite part about the museum was the film.

Winter Home Garden Uji

Torii near shrine Japan

River in Uji Japan

I had a quick lunch on a bench by the river in Uji.

Byodo-in Uji Japan

Byodo-in Temple in Uji

Meal at Green Earth Vegan Cafe Osaka

Vegan lunch in Osaka. My language partner was very kind to find a vegan restaurant for us to have lunch. It was delicious!

McDonalds Delivers Osaka Japan.jpg

Flower Cut Carrots.jpg

I had the opportunity to have a decorative cooking lesson from my friend’s mother. These carrots were part of the lesson. We also did eggs, shaped omelet, and lotus root.

Shrine Ibaraki City Japan

Cucumber Cutting Demonstration.jpg

My language partner’s husband did a demonstration of cutting decorative cucumber.

Koala and Penguin Bread.jpg

I love bakeries in Japan. These Koala and Penguin breads were very cute.

My next post in my Japan 2017 series will be Tokyo.



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2 Responses to Osaka – Kyoto Travel and Bento Lunch

  1. Mary Lee says:

    More great photos! I love the one of the little boy in his uniform, hat and bright colored backpack! The lunch did look delicious and the decorative vegetables were really neat.

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