Tokyo Travel and Bento Lunch

Tokyo Bento Lunch

Today I have my last post in my 2017 Japan travel series. After Osaka / Kyoto, I took the Shinkansen to Tokyo. I stayed with language partners in Yokohama, Tsukuba, and stayed overnight at a hotel near Disneyland with another language partner.

This bento lunch is a combination of my Tokyo area experiences. I have Mount Fuji, Honey Flavored Popcorn (Disneyland), and a Panda Bear.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Top: Mount Fuji – pizza with basil pesto and mozzarella cheese, sugar snap peas

Bottom Left: Honey flavored popcorn

Bottom Right: Panda – peeled radish, black olives (held on with toothpicks so not safe for kids), sugar snap peas

Mt Fuji from Shinkansen

I took the Shinkansen from Kyoto to Yokohama. I was not on the correct side of the train because I opted not to pay extra for reserved tickets and seats on the left side of the train were full. I did get a glimpse of Mount Fuji as seen in the photo above.

Mt Tsukuba Sign.jpg

My Tsukuba language partner and I went to Mount Tsukuba.

Mt Fuji in Distance

From Tsukuba I was able to see Mt. Fuji again.

Pottery Studio Teacher.jpg

My Tsukuba language partner arranged for us to have a lesson at a pottery studio! It was my first time to use a pottery wheel. At first I was very bad but once the instructor put his hands on mine to show me how to hold my hands, I got much better. It was an amazing experience.

pottery made with wheel

These are the bowls that I made.

Cookie Cutter Heaven.jpg

I spent a day in Tokyo by myself but met another language partner for lunch. Before lunch I wandered around Kappabashi (shopping street lined with restaurant and cooking supply stores). In one store I was in cookie cutter heaven as they had many I did not already have. In that store I heard John Denver singing on the store music. So strange and memorable.

Mt Fuji Chopsticks Rest

Tokyo Disneyland Monorail

I went to Tokyo Disneyland with a language partner who traveled to meet me. It was a little cold for area people but not for me (a New Yorker) and it was wonderful to have very short lines for rides.

Tokyo Disneyland.jpg

Speciality Popcorn at Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland has flavored popcorn in various sections of the park. My favorite was honey – found near the Winnie the Pooh ride. We tried Milk Chocolate, Soy Sauce, and Honey popcorn.

Another view of Mt Fuji

Another view of Mount Fuji from my hotel near Tokyo Disneyland.

Panda Food Ueno Station

The train station at Ueno had a lot of cute Panda food since it is near the zoo.

Sheep dessert statue in Ueno station

Panda in Tokyo.jpg

Flag of Japan

Craft Store Yokohama.jpg

I took a craft class in this building with a sheep. I was a little slow with my craft because it was a wonderful Japanese speaking opportunity. The ladies in my class kept asking me questions about me and the United States.

Sheep in Store Window

My 2017 trip (my 6th trip to Japan) was amazing! I was able to have many authentic cultural experiences by staying with my friend and language partners across the country.

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  1. Mary Lee says:

    You had so many different experiences! What a fabulous trip! Thanks again for sharing your photos.

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