Poinsettia Lunch

Poinsettia Lunch

Today is Poinsettia Day so I made this simple Poinsettia themed lunch. It was easy to make and delicious.

Question: What are the second and third most popular Poinsettia colors? (answer is at the end of this post)

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Toasted Thomas’ English Muffins with cream cheese, mint leaves, and strawberries

Top Right: Cauliflower and Red Bell Pepper

Bottom Right: Air popped popcorn and Jolly Ranchers candy

Answer: white and pink

Poinsettia facts

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9 Responses to Poinsettia Lunch

  1. This is amazing! What a clever clever idea!

  2. Mary Lee says:

    A beautiful appealing lunch!

  3. mtetar says:

    Great idea for Strawberries. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  4. Shannon says:

    Love this! What a smart way to create poinsettias!

  5. Love this! You can call them another kind of flower in spring, too.

  6. Koogle says:

    Great idea to use sliced strawberries for a poinsettia!

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