Christmas Taco Lunch

Christmas taco salad lunch

My taco loving nephew always requests tacos when I offer to make lunch for him. I wanted to make something different so I made this Christmas themed taco meal. I was inspired by the book Happy Bento!: Lunches on the Go to use a cookie cutter as a holder for the lettuce in this lunch. Check out the author’s blog at Becoming a Bentoholic.

Container: Cool It! Meal Carrier

Left Side: Tree – cherry tomato, lettuce, black beans, cheese blend

Top Right: Scoops

Bottom Right: Black beans with salsa and cherry tomatoes

Above the Box: Banana, Taco Sauce in (in Mini Dippers)

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5 Responses to Christmas Taco Lunch

  1. Dana says:

    So cute! The cookie cutter holder is a really great idea.

    I love how the scoops look like stars, they fit the theme so well!

  2. bentodays says:

    Love this idea, beautiful presentation! Happy holidays!!

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