Christmas Breakfast 2018

Traditional Pig Christmas Breakfast

My family says that I seldom make the same food again (not true!). I have a traditional Christmas breakfast that is enjoyed by all. In 2016, I was too emotional to make my traditional breakfast the first Christmas without my ex (he loved this breakfast). So, in 2016, I made a different breakfast for my family. In 2017, I made the traditional breakfast for my parents and Dennis but did not make the pig shapes for some reason (the scones were round). Yesterday, I made our traditional breakfast. The only difference was I made cranberry butter instead of shaped butter. My friend Dennis, joined my parents and myself for a delicious meal. My parents were happy to get the pig shaped scones back this year. I guess that Christmas is not the same without pig shaped scones.

Pig Scones

Cranberry Butter

Roasted Potatoes with a Dijon Dip

Citrus with Mint Sugar – I used pink grapefruit and oranges and omitted the pomegranate

Coffee & Orange Juice

pig scones breakfast plate

Christmas breakfast table 2018

I enjoy holidays and traditions but also like to keep things fresh and interesting. This meal was easy to prepare on the day of my epic 7 Continents Dinner.

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