Saint Patrick’s Day Themed Food

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is my collection of Irish themed meals.

Updated: 3/15/21


1 Shamrock Onigiri

Shamrock Rice

2 Shamrock Onigiri

2 Shamrocks Rice

Shamrock bento

Shamrock Broccoli in Rice

irish flag st patricks day lunch

Irish Flag Shamrock Rice

Shamrock Pesto Pizza

Shamrock Pesto Pizza

Shamrock Pizza Lunch

Shamrock Broccoli Pizza

shamrock pizza lunch

Spinach Pizza

Pesto Shamrock Pizza

Shamrock Bagel

Shamrock Bagel

Shamrock Polenta Lunch

Broccoli Shamrock with Polenta

Tortilla Chips

Shamrock Snack Lunch

Shamrock Snack

shamrock quesadilla lunch

Shamrock Quesadillas

creme de mint sundaes with shamrock cookies

Shamrock Cookies

Shamrock Lunch Saint Patricks Day

Shamrock Salad

Shamrock Hand pie food

Shamrock Hand Pie

Shamrock Face Lunch

Shamrock  Peanut Butter Sandwich

Shamrock Sandwich with Cheese Harp

Shamrock Sandwich

Shamrock Pasta

Shamrock Pasta

Shamrock Noodles Lunch

Shamrock Cucumbers over Peanut Noodles

Saint Patricks Day Potato Salad for lunch

Shamrock Potato Salad


Irish Flag Vegetables

Vegetable Irish Flag

Irish Flag Bento

Irish Flag

Irish Flag Snack Food Idea

Irish Flag Snack


leprechaun cheese


Hummus and Vegetable Leprechaun


Cheddar Celtic Knot

Saint Patrick Quesadilla

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1 Response to Saint Patrick’s Day Themed Food

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! How nice on this gray day😊

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