Top 10 Bento 2018

Top10 Lunches 2018

As usual this time of year, I am excited to share my favorite bento lunches from the year.

USA Potato Vegetable Salad Lunch

I made this USA themed meal as part of my on-going series of themed potato salads. Yes, the jam lines are not even but I think that it adds to the appeal.

Cheese Rice Snail Lunch

This cheesy snails lunch was for my niece while she lived with me.

Spider bread

I made this cute cinnamon spider bread for my Dad.

Radish Flowers Lunch

This lunch with beautiful radish roses was for my co-worker Kathy.

Sombrero Taco Salad

My niece helped make this taco salad lunch for herself.

Fox Sheep Butterfly Terrarium Salad Lunches Mason Jar

I made these small terrarium salad lunches for my parents and myself the day before my birthday when I met them for a day of activities and an amazing dinner.

Flower Vegetable Potato Salad

I made this flower themed potato salad lunch for my friend Carol.

Candy Corn Bread Lunch

This candy corn themed lunch was made for my co-worker Angie.

Lion Bread Lunch

I find it interesting that this bread lion made my yearly list of top lunches since I almost did not post it. It is ugly in a charming way.

Mashed Potato Valentine Giraffe Lunch

I made this cute giraffe for my friend Dennis.

Happy New Year! May your 2019 include delicious and attractive food.


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