7 Year Blogiversary

7 Year Blogiversary-collage.jpg

Today is my 7 year blogiversary. I decided not to do a giveaway this year. Instead I will write a reflection of the past 7 years. The collage above has my favorites from each year.

2012 – Alligator Bread
2013 – May Day Bread Basket
2014 – Babar the Elephant
2015 – Ice Skates Sandwich
2016 – Cardinal Salsa Rice
2017 – Toki Mashed Potato Lunch
2018 – USA Potato Vegetable Salad Lunch

I started Eclectic Lamb as part of a graduate school class requirement for Social Media. I was reluctant and had no idea that it would impact my life and become a cute food blog. Ever since I learned how to cook at age 10, I enjoyed making cute food but having a place to share encouraged me to create more. Since 2011, it is always on my mind that I need to create for my blog.

I consider Eclectic Lamb to be a scrapbook of my life for these past 7 years and hopefully more to come. Most of the time I add one photo and say something basic such as, “Here is lunch, it was fun to make, it was delicious.” Sometimes my posts are more elaborate.

Special Meals

My Grandmothers Funeral

funeral themed dinner table

Roses for Dinner

Carrot Zucchini Rose Tarts Dinner

Groot Themed Dinner

groot dinner family photo

Cinderella Themed Dinner

Cinderella Coach Orange Sorbet

Flying Reindeer Salad

Flying Reindeer Close up

Ultimate Tea Party

tea table sandwiches

Christmas Breakfast

Christmas Breakfast Plate.jpg

How to Train Your Dragon Dinner

Viking Ship Sundae

Tanabata Party

Tanabata Pasta Pie

Hinamatsuri Dinner


Dumplings Around the World

Dumplings Around World Collage

I like to be creative and to make things with my hands. I am a giver and enjoy taking care of people. I show my love for the special people in my life by preparing cute food. I am very happy when a person gives me a food and theme request. I am less happy when I only have myself to take care of but I have pleased myself with cute food.

Special Non-Lunches

Honeydew Melon Cake

Fresh Honeydew Melon Cake

NY Hand Embroidered Towels

All NY Stitched Towels

3D Gingerbread

3D gingerbread whole table

Edible for Birds Corn husk Angel Flower Show Entry

Corn husk birdseed angel.jpg

Cat Themed Pool Party

Chocolate Cat Cookie Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

Watermelon Cake

Fresh Watermelon Cake Top

Yoda Ice Cream

Yoda Ice Cream candy melt ears

Diorama Easter Ornaments

Chocolate bunny diorama easter egg ornament.JPG

Gingerbread Bakery

Gingerbread Bakery Front.jpg

I never posted some elaborate parties and food made and experienced during the last 7 years. For example, a jungle themed baby shower and a dessert crawl across Manhattan with my then 16 year old nephew. Maybe it is not too late since I still have the photos.

My posts often subtly show how my life has changed during the time of Eclectic Lamb. I had shoulder surgery and refer to others who helped me make and photograph the cute food. Niece and nephews have grown up, people come and go, some die, I got divorced… I dated a guy this past year and called him my companion. Now I hope to call him my friend. Life changes but I continue to make and share cute food.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So many cute foods!! it is awesome! Happy Anniversary!

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you so much!

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