Diorama Easter Egg Ornaments

Diorama Easter Egg Ornaments Collage

This was the 6th year my niece and I decorated blown-out eggs for Easter. I am hopeful that we will do this project again but realistically it could have been our last time since my niece will go to college in the fall. We try a different technique every year but keep with the blue and white color scheme. This year we had fun with diorama eggs. During my research for this project I found it challenging to find the right search term to get the results I wanted. I had success with the following words, “Shadow”, “Panorama”, “Diorama”, “Peek a boo”, and “Spring scene eggs”. Not all of these terms gave me exactly what I was looking for but gave ideas of how to create a scene.

Year 1 – Paper Cut-out

Year 2 – Simplified Ukrainian

Year 3 – Quilling

Year 4 – Ribbons

Year 5 – Marble

Year 6 – Diorama

This was an invaluable source of information as I planned for and started this project. I opted to use manicure scissors instead of my Dremel tool since the tool was new to me and I thought I would have more success with the scissors. I broke a LOT of eggs (and I did paint before cutting the hole to size) but I mostly broke the jumbo sized eggs. The large eggs did not crack as bad.

Yes I know that many of our edges are not perfect but we decided not to add something to hide the imperfections.

This was our first time using bead caps. It was recommended by Happy Together by Jess. It was a little challenging to get the same ribbon we normally use in the bead cap hole but it worked. Then we hot glued the cap and ribbon to the top of the egg. We were pleased with the results.

Paint Inside Eggs
My niece painted the insides of the eggs after I emptied, cleaned, painted the outsides white (first coat), and cut the holes. She did not break any eggs during the painting process!

Bottom of Eggs
We did not put Styrofoam at the bottom of each egg. Some of the eggs have nothing special in the bottom but most of our scenes use moss, or one of two different types of paper Easter grass. The one we used the most was a fine paper grass that came with a gift box of cheese. We glued the moss or grass down first.

I have a wide variety of adhesives in the house but to create the scenes we used hot glue. In some cases it was easier for me to hold the egg while my niece used the hot glue gun. But be careful since the egg can get hot. (I did used fast drying tacky glue when making some of the pieces for inside the eggs). Since this is our first time making these, we don’t know how they will hold up to time.

We did make and buy items for inside the eggs but it was also helpful to have a well-stocked craft room. We made two of most types so we each have one. We both ended up with 12 egg ornaments.

Sheep Easter Egg Ornament

I know that a traditional symbol of Easter is the lamb not sheep but I already had these cute sheep figures in my craft room. I love this little guy and hung it so I see it when I walk into the room.

Bird Easter Egg Ornament

This sweet little bird looks perfect in an egg.

Church Easter Egg Tree Ornament

I made this paper church from this template. I did not add the stairs or bunnies dressed for church as they were tiny and I decided not to deal with them. I also could not cut a cross small enough to go on top of the church but it is tall for the egg so you would not be able to easily see it anyway. Our church is in a rustic setting but I think it works.

Easter basket with eggs ornament

I already had miniature baskets, my niece had these beads that look like eggs.

Cotton ball bunny easter egg ornament

This funny little cotton ball bunny makes me smile when I see his egg hanging from my Easter Tree. I made him mostly following these directions but my cotton was large and I had to trim it. I could not find the right type of pipe cleaner but I still think he is cute. He has a tiny white pom pom tail that can’t be seen. My niece made the dyed Easter eggs from clay.

Flowers in Vase Easter Egg Ornament

I found the little wooden piece in a craft store. We painted it white and added silk flowers that I already had.

Easter Eggs in Grass Diorama Egg

My niece made these Easter eggs out of clay.

Sheep with Roses Easter Egg Ornament

I had this different sheep figure from a miniature snow globe I once had but it broke and I saved the sheep. I also had the silk flowers from a different project.

Easter Egg Diorama ornament

These miniature speckled eggs came on wire at a craft store. We cut them off and then hot glued them in the grass.

Cross Dove Easter Egg Ornament

I ordered the wooden cross (it is a bead) and plastic dove from Hobby Lobby.

Pom Pom chick easter egg diorama ornament

I made this little pom pom chick. I followed these directions (scroll down to Project #11) but could I not find pom pom’s at the scale they requested so mine is bigger. I still think he is very cute.

Chocolate bunny diorama easter egg ornament

I love how this one turned out. I had the basket. My niece made the chocolate bunny following these directions (scroll down to Project #3). The plastic mold we used can be found here. My niece made the Easter eggs out of clay. The two of us worked together to tie the tiny string into a bow.

Flowers Diorama Easter Egg

This simple egg has miniature silk flowers in moss.

We enjoyed this project and hope to enjoy these on our Easter trees for years to come. Please share if you have an Easter tree with homemade ornaments. I would love to see it!


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