Easter Egg Tree

This year is my first time hanging eggs on an egg tree. My Mom helped me out by taking branches from my yard and spray painting them white.

There are two styles of eggs on this tree. My niece and I made both types. Several years ago we followed Martha Stewart’s directions to create the cut-out style Easter eggs. This year we mostly followed directions from Design Sponge to make a simple version of the Ukranian eggs. We created the eggs this year to complement the ones we made years ago.

I bought the kit to make the Ukranian eggs years ago but was not brave enough to try until I found the post on Design Sponge. We made a very easy version which was great for our first time. It still took a LOT of time to complete the project and the dye is messier than normal Easter egg dye. It was a fun project!

Heating Kistka (stylus)

Applying wax

Following directions

Eggs with wax – dye in progress (The egg’s holes are big)

Removing wax

Circle line egg

Flower egg

Crazy circles

Bunny Egg

Portion of eggs on tree

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4 Responses to Easter Egg Tree

  1. Mary says:

    Very Pretty!!

  2. Mary Lee Page says:

    Hi Kathy! The tree is really nice – the white branches really set off the nice eggs you two did!

  3. katriel says:

    looks really pretty!

  4. Hi kathy,
    The Easter egg tree is so cute and nice.

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