Felt Easter Bunnies

I made these felt bunnies for Easter  in 2006. I used the directions and pattern from Woman’s Day magazine but I could not find the directions online anymore. I scanned my printed copy and you can see it here – Bunny Pattern

They were fun and easy to make. Once I started making them I could not stop. I made up my own patterns to decorate them with stitches. I can’t believe now how many that I made! These are the ones I did not give away.

Bunnies in Basket

Flaws obvious but still cute

My sheep embroidered on a felt bunny

Bunnies in Tree

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6 Responses to Felt Easter Bunnies

  1. Katriel says:

    sooo cute! I really like the one with the lamb and the ones sitting in the tree!

  2. freespirit66 says:

    I clipped that pattern for the bunnies from that Woman’s Day issue many years ago. Enjoyed making them. I really like all the different embroidered designs you put on them. Very creative!

  3. Mary Lee says:

    The bunnies in the tree – great way to display them! You did make a lot of them – fun!

  4. The bunnies are really cute ,I am a bunny fanatic and I think these are perfect for decor or just a pop of colour for Easter.Perhaps a pattern?

  5. eclecticlamb says:

    Thanks. I did not post the pattern because it was not on the publishers website and I am very careful with respecting copyrights. But as a ‘friend’ I can share it with you via email.

  6. I have sent you a email.

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