3rd Flower Show Entry


This week I entered my 3rd Flower Show. I tried to think about what I learned from my 1st and 2nd flower shows when I worked on my entry. Some things I kept in mind were hiding mechanics, something to lead eye through the piece, color and proportion. When I submitted my entry I was concerned since it appeared very different from the other entries (less sophisticated in my opinion). I was very surprised that I won first in my category and a blue ribbon for best of all of the artistic crafts!

The overall theme of the Flower Show was Holidays at the Inn. I entered under Artistic Crafts “Creative Gifts, Gifts for the Birds”. A feast of bird food suitable for hanging from a tree. Not a conventional bird feeder. No greater than 8 inches in any dimension. To be hung from a rod near eye level.


My blue ribbon for Artistic Crafts!


The angel is a miniature mostly edible corn husk angel.

Head: Shelled Hazelnut

Eyes: Chia Seeds

Mouth: Red Pepper Flake

Hair: Corn Silk

Body: White Millet

Bow: Shelled Sunflower Seeds painted red


The tree is a Styrofoam cone covered with sticky back moss (it was a moss sticker and very easy way to cover the cone).  I used additional moss to cover mechanics (hot glue that was visible). I made a garland by threading pieces of dried pineapple, dried Goji berries, and dried blueberries on white thread. I wanted something to lead the eye through the piece. My fingers became very sticky but it was relaxing to make the garland. Other tree decorations are dried corn, cardamom seeds, mixed seeds on circles of hot glue, and red pepper flakes. I used hot glue to attach the decorations to the tree. I hung it by sticking a skewer with a pointed end through the tree and tied raffia on each end. I cut off the pointed end.


Paperwork and my blue paper ribbon for first place in my category.


In this photo you can see the display with the four entries in my class and the peanut at the bottom of my tree for the trunk.


This entry won 2nd in my category “Gifts for the Birds”.


This entry won 3rd in my category “Gifts for the Birds”.


This entry won honorable mention (or 4th) in my category “Gifts for the Birds”.

Since I won over all the other Artistic Crafts I am sharing photos of entries in the other categories.


This won 1st for “Gifts for Friends”. Brooch made entirely of dried plant material (except clasp). Plant surfaces may be embellished. To be displayed on a black velvet square six inches by six inches.


This won 2nd in the”Gifts for Friends” category.


This won 3rd in the “Gifts for Friends” category.


This won honorable mention (or 4th) in the “Gifts for Friends” category.


This won 1st in the “Gifts for the Tree” category. Ornament decorated with dried plant material. Plant surfaces may be embellished. Non-plant material may be added, but plant material must dominate. Ornament no greater than 3 inches in any dimension. To be hung from a 2 dimensional tree at eye level.


This won 2nd in the “Gifts for the Tree” category. It is made from pecan, rice, cattail, and milkweed.


This won 3rd in the “Gifts for the Tree” category.


This won honorable mention (or 4th) in the “Gifts for the Tree” category. It has cockscomb, allspice, and coriander seeds.

I enjoy entering flower shows with Artistic Crafts and look forward to entering again when I have the opportunity.

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  1. Mary Lee says:

    Congratulations Kathy! Your tree is so creative – love it!!

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love your tree!!!

    Your pictures are fantastic:)

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