2nd Flower Show Entry

Bunny Flowers

My Garden Club district had a flower show and I entered in the Special Exhibits (Arts & Crafts) category. There were 4 advanced reservation spots available to decorate a door panel. The name of the Class was “A Warm Welcome”. The four of us were allowed to paint the wooden panels, remove the molding, use wire, etc but were encouraged to use materials from nature. An entry would be disqualified from judging if a person used artificial flowers or a plant on the New York State protected native plant list.

I have never taken a floral design class so I know I was at risk of not following an essential principle of floral design. I tried to use all I learned the first time I entered a flower show. I also consulted with two members of my club who have experience with this. They were wonderful help!

1st place

This is the door that won first place. The judges comments were: Dramatic Welcome! Not constructive but I guess that is not necessary for a first place win.

Winning entry close

This is a close up to show that in addition to painting the door, she put roping on it. Amazing!

2nd place

My bunny won 2nd place! I was very excited. The judges comments for mine were not helpful and annoyed me a little: Hippity, Hoppity, Welcome. I felt that the comments should help me improve for next time. These did not give me any clue what I could have done better.

3rd place

This door was 3rd place. The judges comments were: Welcome to the Parish! Seed pods out of scale for the rest of the material.


This door was disqualified and not eligible for voting because the maker used artificial flowers.

bunny flower show entry close

Here is a close-up of my bunny. I brushed the wooden panel with olive oil. I made a cardboard frame and covered it with corn husk. I fringed and glued on corn husk for the head and feet. The nose is a hazelnut that I painted. The tail is bleached curly pods. The sign is wood that I painted yellow and glued lavender on to spell “Welcome”. I used tweezers to place the lavender. Other material I used were: Bakuli pods, Button Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb,  Cotton pods, Milo, Sheet Moss, and Spray Roses.

It was a fun experience to enter the show and maybe in the future I will enter a different Arts & Crafts class.

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5 Responses to 2nd Flower Show Entry

  1. mtetar says:

    Congrats Great Job now look forward to another show. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  2. mtetar says:

    You’re most welcome, Mtetar

  3. Mary Lee says:

    Congratulations on your second place! What are the dimensions of the door panel? I am trying to understand the proportions.

  4. eclecticlamb says:

    Thanks! 11.5 wide by 19.5 inches high.

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