Cat Birthday Party

Cat Birthday Collage

I was thrilled to help my friend create cute food for her daughters 11th birthday party. We made cat themed ice cream sandwiches, cat shaped cinnamon tortilla chips with fruit salsa, giant cat cookies and decorated paper plates to look like cats. We also served walking tacos, a vegetable tray, and salsa layered dip with tortilla chips.

Ice Cream Sandwiches

cat cookies after baking

When searching for ideas for the birthday pool party I found this. When I heard that my friends daughter liked the idea of cat shaped ice cream sandwiches, I came up with three proposals. She choose the one that used the CuteZCute Animal Friends cutter set. She wanted mostly chocolate cookies with a few vanilla for people who don’t like chocolate. I used this vanilla recipe and this chocolate recipe. It was a bit of a struggle to get good imprints on the cookies. I had to use extra flour and a dry pastry brush to brush off the flour before baking. Also a lot of patience! You can make and freeze these cookies (without ice cream) several weeks before your party.

Vanilla and Chocolate Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches

The night before the party my friend, her husband and I assembled the ice cream sandwiches. We sliced the ice cream and used the same cookie cutter to cut the ice cream (it worked out great and fit the cookies exactly). When the ice cream started to melt we sort of pushed it into the cutter and then put it on the cookie. My friends husband was ready with pieces of plastic wrap and he individually wrapped the ice cream sandwiches. Then they went straight into the freezer.

Cat Chocolate Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

We made vanilla with strawberry ice cream, chocolate with strawberry ice cream and a lot of chocolate with chocolate ice cream. By far the chocolate – chocolate combination was the most popular but everyone seemed to enjoy their treat. I loved watching everyone enjoy their cat shaped ice cream sandwiches. It was a highlight for me.

Cat Vanilla Cookie Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

Chocolate Cat Cookie Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich

Cat Tortilla Chips

cat tortilla chips after baking

I used the same cutter set to make cat shaped cinnamon tortilla chips. It did take time to cut out the faces on the tortilla chips but I enjoy that type of work – it is relaxing for me. We used an olive oil mister to spray the cut tortilla chips and then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. I baked at 350 for about 7 minutes (but bake until lightly browned and crisp).  We served them with a fruit salsa.

Cat Cinnamon Tortilla Chip Close

Cat Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips

Cat Paper Plates

cat plates in progress

The birthday girl and I are both early risers so we decorated the plates first thing in the morning before everyone else woke up. It was peaceful and enjoyable to do this craft with her. I was inspired by these. I folded the pipe cleaners in thirds and cut with a scissors. We cut the ear pieces out of card stock. We then glued the pink parts to the gray ears and taped the ears and the whiskers to the paper plates.

cat paper plate

Giant Cat Cookies

Smaller Monster Cat Cookie

My friend made these gorgeous cat cookies! They were served at the family party which was held after the friends party. It is a monster cookie recipe and she frosted it using a silicone basting brush to make it look like fur. Her 11 year old daughter added the whiskers.

cat cookie outside

I enjoyed helping out with this party and hope that you now have some ideas for your cat themed party.

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