Valentines Day Themed Food

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is my collection of Heart, Cupid, Be Mine, and XO food. As with my other collections, I plan to update when I create something new.

Updated: 1/20/23


Rice Valentine Bear Lunch

Bear Rice Holding Carrot Hearts

Precious Moments Valentine Sandwich Lunch

Precious Moments Character Sandwich with Heart Egg

Snoopy Heart Bento Lunch

Valentine’s Day Themed Snoopy

Mashed Potato Valentine Giraffe Lunch

Mashed Potato Giraffe with Carrot Hearts


Beets Mashed Potato Heart

Heart Potato Salad

Heart Potato Salad

Hearts lunch

Heart Snack Lunch

Heart Onigiri Lunch

Heart Onigiri

Valentine Quesadilla Lunch

Hearts Quesadillas

Valentine envelope bento lunch

Valentine Envelope Rice

Swan Valentine Sandwich Lunch

Valentine Swans

Valentine Calzone Lunch

Heart Calzone

Mr and Mrs Valentine Rice

Mr. and Mrs. Hearts

Bread Heart Lunch

Heart Bread

Plain Rice with Sage and Carrot Heart

Carrot Heart Garnish

Pasta with Beet Hearts

Heart Beets


Heart Salad

Heart Cucumber over Peanut Noodles

Cucumber Hearts over Peanut Noodles

Heart Ravioli Meal

Heart Ravioli

Heart Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk

Chocolate Chip Cookie Heart

Heart Onigiri lunch with peanut butter and pretzels

Heart Salsa Rice


Heart Caprese Salad

Frosted Heart Cinnamon Roll

Heart Cinnamon Rolls with Heart Fruit


Heart Cinnamon Chips 

Heart Eyes Emoji


Be Mine Pizza


Cheese Cupid

Quesadilla Cupid

Cupid Rice


XOXO Cheese on Pasta

XOXO Bagels

XO Bagel and Soup Meal

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