Punched Paper Easter Egg Ornaments

Punched Paper Decorated Eggs

I am happy to say that this was the 7th year for my niece and I to make Easter Egg Ornaments. Both of our lives have changed and she is in college now so we ended up doing the craft in her dorm room. I made themed lunches for us that we enjoyed before decorating the eggs.

We started with blown-out eggs that we kept white. I attached 1/8 inch white ribbon hangers by using a very long needle. Then I used a little bit of hot glue if the hole was large and I was afraid the ribbon would fall through.

I already had two types of butterfly paper punches. I bought two mini flower punches. We used assorted blue paper that I had in my craft room. Some had patterns. We used quick drying tacky glue and put the glue on the eggs with toothpicks. Then we attached the paper cut-outs. It was relaxing to punch out the paper and glue it to the eggs. I think the result is beautiful!

Year 7 – Punched Paper

Year 6 – Diorama

Year 5 – Marble

Year 4 – Ribbons

Year 3 – Quilling

Year 2 – Simplified Ukrainian

Year 1 – Paper Cut-out

blue butterfly paper punch egg


flower cross egg ornament.jpg

Cross of Flowers

butterflies flowers paper egg ornaments blue

Butterflies and Flowers

Flower K paper decorated egg ornament

Flowers “K” (both of our names start with “K”)

butterfly and flower paper decorated egg ornament

Butterflies & Flowers with Beads

Butterfly punch decorated egg


point flower punch paper covered egg

Pointed Flowers

punched flower circle egg ornament.jpg

Flower Circle

round flower punch decorated egg

Round Flowers

We enjoyed this project and hope to enjoy these on our Easter trees for years to come. Please share if you have an Easter tree with homemade ornaments. I would love to see it!

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