Daffodil Lunch and Walk

daffodil lunch

This week one night after work, my niece and I took a walk to a daffodil meadow and had this themed meal (I made 2 identical bentos). We ate our dinner sitting on a log under trees. It was a perfect setting and enjoyable company.

When I shopped Sunday night at Wegmans they were out of radishes! I asked the produce person what to substitute that is white, crunchy, and can eat raw. He said daikon (Japanese radish). I never thought of them before but it is perfect for cookie cutters since they are larger than the radish I often use. But with my multitude of cookie cutters, I actually did not have a flower cookie cutter appropriate for a daffodil.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Daffodils – daikon (cut freehand), carrots (cut with mini cookie cutter), the daikon and carrots are held together with spaghetti, edamame in the pods, rice pilaf with vegetable broth, carrots, sauteed onion, and pistachio nuts

Top Right: Mini peanut butter cups

Bottom Right: Grapes

Powder Mills Park Daffodil Meadow


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