Top 15 Bento of 2015

top 15 bento 2015

Keeping with tradition I am happy to share my favorite bento from the year. I struggled to pick only 15.

Ice Skates

Ice Skate bento lunch

This is a very special one to me. I worked with my 11 year old niece to make this for her birthday.

Mermaid lunch with templates

Mermaid Bento Lunch

I complained that she was a little strange looking but I think it is because of her heart shaped head. Overall I liked this mermaid lunch.

Beehive Waffle

Bee Hive waffle with melon bees

I love that this lunch was a collaboration between my 13 year old niece, 11 year old nephew and myself.

Bird and Nest Lunch

Nest and Bird in Woods

This cute lunch just seemed to come together and I was happy with the result. It was also delicious!

Woven Carrot Egg

Chick with Woven Egg lunch easter food

I don’t use this bento box often but when I do the meals are usually special. This was my first time to weave a carrot then cut it with a cookie cutter.

Deer in Snow Covered Woods

Deer Snow Covered Tree Bento Lunch

I am very fond of the little deer cookie cutter I bought in Japan in 2014. I also like that I used a combination of green olives, feta, and cherry tomatoes.

Cheesy Fox

Fox head lunch

Cheese art is something I enjoy but don’t do very often. I was very happy with this cute fox.

Dragon Mashed Potatoes

Dragon Bento Lunch

The focus of this simple meal is Cheddar mashed potatoes cut with a cookie cutter.

Mario Sandwich

Super Mario Bros Food

This is another special one because it was made at the request of my nephew who is now 6. He wanted a Super Mario Bros themed lunch.

Reindeer Rice

Reindeer Rice Bento Lunch

I made this for my Mom as part of many Christmas themed onigiri. I had several completed lunches and she picked this one. I agree that it was the cutest.

New York, NY

New York Bento Lunch

I made this to enter into a  contest. It did not win but I am very fond of it.

Happy Snail

Snail bento lunch

This is another lunch I made for a contest. It did not win but I still think it is special.

Pretzel Lunch

Pretzel Shaped Lunch

I was happy to make a melon pretzel with a new cookie cutter. It made a memorable pretzel meal.

Fox Salsa Rice

Fox Onigiri Bento

Salsa rice and black beans is a favorite with my niece and nephews. I made this lunch for my 17 year old niece.

Frog Bread Lunch

Frog Bread

I enjoy making homemade bread lunches. This frog meal was simple but I love his goofy smile.

Happy New Year! I hope that 2016 will include attractive food.

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  1. Mary Lee Page says:

    You sure have made some great Bentos this year!

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