Trio of Bird Themed Food

Bird Themed Food Ideas

This trio of bird themed lunches came about because they were planned bentos to enter a contest. I only ended up entering the first one in the contest but I thought I would share all of them here.

Nest and Bird in Woods

This came about because I wanted to make a birds nest out of peanut noodles. The rest of it just happened.

Container: LunchBots Trio

Top Left: Angel hair pasta with peanut sauce, cucumber, lettuce

Top Right: Pistachios, flour tortilla, food marker details

Bottom: Grapefruit, feta cheese, lettuce

Hummingbird Pesto Pizza

I guess that technically this is not pizza because it does not have cheese? But I think you can have pizza without cheese. I made several versions of this hummingbird pizza, some with cheese and some without.

I had the homemade walnut pesto sauce in my freezer. It was labeled 2012. I made it that year from basil in my herb garden. I once heard at a herb workshop that you should not freeze pesto with the cheese and should add it afterwards. I froze it with cheese and it tasted fine after a few years and I did not get sick.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side: Hummingbird shaped pizza dough with pesto sauce

Top Right: Alfalfa sprouts nest with Cheddar cheese eggs (I did look up the color of hummingbird eggs but it did not work artistically with this bento so I used orange.)

Bottom Right: Strawberries with dried blueberries attached with spaghetti (they are supposed to be flowers)

Above Box: Post Great Grains Bar Undone Granola Snack Mix

Bird Bread

I think that this one is funny looking. I made the beak stay open the same way I made this alligator (with aluminum foil in it’s mouth while baking).

Container: Book Bento Box

Contents: Homemade bird shaped bread, dried blueberry, broccoli, peanuts in shell, green pepper, sweet potato

I hope that you enjoyed viewing this trio of birds as much as I enjoyed making them!

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  1. Mary Lee says:

    I really like the bird’s nests!

  2. eclecticlamb says:

    Thank you so much!

  3. maggielee says:

    Love it! May I ask what kind of container is this?

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