Happy Snail Bento Lunch

Snail bento lunch

I had fun making and eating this Happy Snail lunch. The snail is mashed potato with these eye picks and spinach details. I used a cookie cutter from the Ikea Woodland set to make the snail shape. Since I don’t like nori, I used spinach instead to detail the snail’s shell. As usual, I enjoyed drawing on pistachio shells.

Container: Wooden box purchased in Kyoto at Bento&co.

Contents: Broccoli, orange cheddar mashed potatoes, spinach, chickpeas, spiced tomato sauce, pistachios with food marker details, blueberries

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7 Responses to Happy Snail Bento Lunch

  1. Mary Lee says:

    A fun lunch!!! I love the snail and the layers of textures.

  2. Diana Rambles says:

    So adorable! I love how you decorated the nuts!

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