Whimsical Easy Felt Christmas Stockings

For my first Christmas in my house, I enjoyed planning and making decorations for my dining room and fireplace. I decided to make felt stockings to match the room. I bought 2 sets of these stocking holders. They even have a remote to turn on the lights!

Method: I searched online for the shapes I wanted and resized to fit my stocking. Then, I cut the pieces from coordinating felt since I wanted a cohesive set. I hand-stitched the felt pieces to the top stocking piece. Then I put back sides together and sewed with my machine. After right side outing, I hand-stitched on the hangers. I went back and forth about putting removable felt initials on the stockings but in the end, I decided to keep them plain. Santa knows which stocking each of us will use this year. I only put out 4 holders since 4 will be here for Christmas this year (Mom, Dad, Niece, and me) but I made stockings for all 6 of the holders.

Stocking Pattern: I used this pattern to cut the front and backs for 6 stockings.

Cuff: I cut 1 piece of white felt for the cuff and stitched the top by hand.

Hanger: I cut a long narrow piece of white felt, folded in half and handstitched to the stocking after sewing each stocking with my sewing machine.

Snow Globe with Tree: I used this and resized.

Bird on Branch: I free-hand drew the bird and branch. I stitched on a black seed bead for the eye.

Snowflake: I used this and resized.

Reindeer: I used this and resized. I stitched on a black seed bead for the eye.

Mistletoe: I used this and resized. I stitched on some small pom-poms.

Holly: I free-hand drew the holly. I stitched on some small pom-poms.

I am thrilled with the results and think that they perfectly coordinate with my dining room. I am looking forward to seeing what Santa brings us.

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