Lentil Soup Spinach Salad Dinner

My friend Caroline Korn came over for dinner. When I asked her for theme/food requests she texted, “USA and salad/soup.” I was not sure what to do with the USA part since there are not many American vegetarian soups. I could have done a patriotic theme but then I would not want to post for awhile and I enjoy highlighting my Christmas dining room with stockings. I decided to focus on the salad/soup suggestion. I think this is my first time doing salad and soup. Usually I do soup and bread dinners. Caroline made the dessert. Afterwards I found out that the USA was autocorrected and it was supposed to be “Pizza”. I am looking forward to make pizza another time to add to my collection. Regardless, I enjoy receiving requests from my dinner guests, it inspires me to try new things.

Lentil Soup – I made this mostly according to the recipe but I added additional broth instead of the water. We added Asiago cheese on top.

Spinach Salad

Good Lady Apples Bon Femme

My critique of the meal: 

Everything was delicious. I like eating lentil soup since it makes me feel like I am taking good care of myself with a nutritious soup. This one was especially good with the sundried tomatoes and my addition of Asiago cheese. The spinach salad was simple but made special with the crunchy almonds and sesame seed vinaigrette. The apple dessert was tasty and had an amazing sauce! My dining room this time of year with my Christmas tree and other lights makes it very cozy to dine in the evening.

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