En Suite Bathroom

This is the bathroom attached to my bedroom. It took time to share here since I had to hire contractors to remove the walk in tub that came with the house and build a walk in shower. The walk in tub was dangerous for me to get out. I love my new shower, bench, and niche. Falcon Renovations did a wonderful job! The only other changes I made to this room are functional / decorative pieces.

Shower Head & Separate Handheld Spray: It was very difficult to find what I was looking for. I am happy with this. I was concerned that the rain head was too large. My Mom reassured me by saying that I like walking in the rain. I do and I also love taking a shower with my huge shower head.

Bottles: My Mom suggested special bottles since I did not like the idea of clear glass doors. Glass doors are the norm and difficult / expensive to do something else. I ordered these and am happy with them so far. Visitors to my home often comment on my Feminine Wash bottle. I like using lavender baby shampoo for those special areas.

Hair Towel: I bought this years ago after seeing that my friend’s daughter had one. I love it!

Bathmat: My Mom came through again with this one. I struggled finding the right mat and she found this which I ordered.

Wicker Wastebasket: I had this from my youth

Scale: I have this one.

Silver Tray for Tooth Care: I am using this. It is a little small so maybe in the future I will find larger.

Soap Dispensor: I found this.

Drinking Glass: Currently I am using an Anchor Hocking glass from my kitchen. Eventually I may find something cute for this space. I don’t want metal since I had one in the past and did not like cleaning it.

Tissue Box Cover: This is unusual since it has a magnetic bottom.

Hummingbird Nightlight: I bought this for my apartment and am still enjoying it here.

Towels: I can’t find the same ones online anymore.

Light / Outlet Plates: In my never ending quest to put special covers throughout the house, I bought these.

Potential Future Improvements: Renovate a vanity chair from my Grandma’s house, add a smart mirror.

“Before” photo.

“Before” photo.

In the above photo you can see a glimpse of my new hallway tile floor.

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