Top 10 Bento 2022

As is my tradition, here are my Top 10 Lunches from 2022! It was a busy and often stressful year renovating and decorating my new house. I did not put as much effort into planning and making cute meals as other years but I still created and shared with loved ones.

I made these giraffe pizzas for my sister–in-law.

My 20 year old niece and I made this fun cat lunch.

I made this llama meal for my Mom. 

This cute Easter themed meal was for my Mom.

I made this New England Village themed rice meal for my sister-in-law.

My Mom enjoyed this squirrel themed lunch.

These cute melon camels were a fun lunch for myself.

This rain storm lunch was for my Dad.

My Dad enjoyed this mummy themed lunch.

This watermelon and cottage cheese lunch was for myself.

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