Walk Brighton Project Week 5

Cherry Tree

I am nearing the end of this project. I expect that Week 6 will be the last week. Friends ask me what I will do next. It is not as fascinating as Walking Brighton, but I will start training for my second virtual 5k this year.

Saturday Morning 4-25-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Winton Road
    • Highland Avenue
    • Reservoir Road

Reservoir Road

house highland ave

path around reservoir

Stay 6 feet away

Cobbs Hill Reservoir

view of rochester

Sunday Morning 4-26-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • East Avenue
    • Allens Creek Road
    • Clover Street (Route 65)

Allens Creek

flowering cherry

Golf Course

wagon wheel

horse weathervein

stone wall

Sunday Afternoon 4-26-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Antlers Drive
    • Monterey Parkway
    • Hollywood Avenue
    • Fair Oaks Avenue
    • Sylvan Road
    • Sonora Parkway
    • St. Regis Drive South
    • Meredith Avenue

Fair Oaks

cherry blooming in rain

Stop Sign

new leaves on hedge

Monday Afternoon 4-27-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Chelmsford Lane
    • Chelmsford Road
    • Winton Road
    • Warrington Drive
    • Monroe Avenue
    • St. Regis Drive North
    • Mayflower Drive
    • Tarrytown Road
    • Glen Ellyn Way


Green Red Arch

St Regis

Stone House

We are all in this together

Tuesday Afternoon 4-28-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Commonwealth Road
    • Chelmsford Road
    • Winton Road
    • Monroe Avenue
    • Glen Ellyn Way
    • Imperial Drive
    • Varianna Drive
    • Warrington Drive
    • Rhinecliff Drive

lady of lourdes

Brighton Senior 2020 Sign

Moon Shutters

new leaves

pretty white house

Wednesday Evening 4-29-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • South Grosvenor Road
    • Babcock Drive
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Esplanade Drive
    • Sandringham Road
    • Ambassador Drive
    • East Avenue
    • Greenfield Lane
    • Lime Rock Lane
    • Penfield Road
    • North Landing Road
    • Penhurst Road
    • Clover Street
    • Dorking Road
    • Islington Way

Lime Rock Lane


trellis entryway


penfield road

lighthouse shutters


“The hardest walk is walking alone. But, it also makes you the strongest.”

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  1. Sheila says:

    Wow!!! A lot of walking and Great picture’s 😘

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