Walk Brighton Project Week 1

Heart Rainbow Door

Heart and Rainbow – encouragement during this pandemic

What is the Walk Brighton Project?

I live in Brighton (Rochester, NY). Due to COVID-19, I am currently living a life of social distancing and working from home. When I brainstormed ways to keep things interesting for myself, I remembered a story I saw a long time ago. An Australian man walked a lot of streets in his area. I came up with a plan to walk all of the streets within a certain radius of my home.


I like to keep busy. I had big plans for 2020. I created an info-graphic list of 20 goals for the year. By the beginning of March, I had already completed 4 goals. After the Coronavirus hit New York State, I examined my list to see what I could still do. There are many that I can work on and several are related to being more healthy. Walking is a physical activity that is still available to me now (my 2020 goal to swim 20 times is put on hold).


My goal is not to be efficient. My goal is to explore my area and get exercise. I am in no hurry to finish this project but I am excited to get out there and explore new areas. That said, I am trying to first focus on areas that would be busy with traffic if we were not on a shut-down due to Coronavirus.

Experience so far…

I am thoroughly enjoying this project! It engages my mind before and after I walk segments. It motivates me to exercise. I get fresh air. I can be creative (with the photos I take). It gives me new experiences. It keeps me busy. It is a perfect project for me.

Friday Evening 3-27-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Rawlingswood Park
    • Kent Park
    • Dover Park
    • Cardiff Park
    • Greenaway Road
    • Walden Place
    • Cheswell Way
    • Penfield Road
    • East Avenue

Rawlingswood 3-27-20

Greenaway 3-27-20

Northwest Clover

tap maple

Walk along expressway

Butterflies on Door

Notes on Mailboxes

Chalk Art Person

Spread Joy Chalk

Saturday Afternoon 3-28-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • East Avenue
    • Knollwood Drive

Knollwood 3-28-20


Stucco Design

Oak Hill

Knollwood Stone Wall

Stone House Brickwalk Knollwood

Stone Pillar Lamp Knollwood

Sunday Afternoon 3-29-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)
    • Highland Avenue
    • Hillside Avenue
    • Winton Road
    • Cathaway Park
    • Morven Road

Cathaway 3-29-20

Hillside North


Spring Wreath

Gold Envelope Mailbox

purple crocus

Sunday Evening 3-29-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Clovercrest Drive
    • Landon Parkway
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Old Mill Road

Old Mill 3-29-20

Old Mill Road

Old Mill Road Green

New House Old Mill Road

Wednesday Evening 4-1-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Clovercrest Drive
    • Landon Parkway
    • Clover Street (Route 65)
    • Allens Creek Road
    • Whitestone Lane
    • Malm Lane
    • Shoreham Drive
    • Pickwick Drive

Whitestone 4-1-20

Whitestone Area Brighton

Finial on stone pillar

Solar Panels

Curve Garages



Thursday Afternoon 4-2-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Chemlsworth Lane
    • Chemlsworth Road
    • Winton Road
    • Maybrooke Road
    • Branford Road
    • Fernboro Road
    • Penarrow Road
    • Commonwealth Road

Maybrook 4-2-20

Maybrooke Area

End of Driveway Lights

Lawn Art

Branford area

Solar Panel

Thursday Evening 4-2-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Allens Creek Road
    • Brookside Drive
    • Meadow Lane
    • Creekdale Lane
    • Elmwood Hill Lane

Elmwood 4-2-20

House on Elmwood


Tudor Details

Brighton Neighborhood

Windows on Brick

Deep Blue House Daffodils

Curved Entryway

White House Elmwood

I had an enjoyable first week exploring my area. Spring seems like the perfect time to explore and discover the world around me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very nice pictures

  2. Deborah Klee says:

    That’s alot of walking- I feel like I am walking with you in slow motion with all these pix and the guiding maps!

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