Hearts and Rainbows Lunch

Heart Rainbow Lunch

When I take walks for my Walk Brighton Project, I see hearts and rainbows on doors, windows, and garages. During this time of a global pandemic, people around the world are making hearts and rainbows out of paper and attaching them to their homes. After the storm comes a rainbow. I enjoy looking for them as I get some exercise and fresh air. They inspired this meal I made for myself. Searching for rainbows in my town is one of the many small things that makes this time of social distancing enjoyable.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Left Side:  Hearts – zucchini cut with a cookie cutter, Rainbow – Cheddar freehand cut with knife, painted food coloring mixed with a little water, brown rice

Top Right: Rainbow – Apple freehand cut with a knife, painted food coloring mixed with a little water, raspberries

Bottom Right: Hearts – carrots cut with a cookie cutter, celery with hummus

Below are only a sampling of the hearts and many rainbows I see around town during my walks.

large heart window

Rainbow Bay Window

Brick House Heart Rainbow

Heart with Red Shutters

Hearts in Window

Hearts on Garage

Rainbow Brick House

Heart Rainbow Door

Heart and Rainbows – symbols of this pandemic


rainbow heart on wooden door

2 rainbows

Small Rainbow

ranch house heart rainbow

large rainbow white house

Solar Panel

many rainbow drawings

Rainbow and Bunnies

Small Rainbow Brick

Hearts in a Heart

rainbows in window

rainbow clouds on door

large heart porch

rainbows heart and circle

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