Walk Brighton Project Week 3

tree buds

It is spring and I am falling in love…with my town, Brighton, NY. I liked it before but now that I am getting to know it more intimately, it is love. Spring is a special time of year to spend time walking the neighborhoods. Week 3 of my Walk Brighton Project brought more beauty with the opening buds of flowering trees.

I continue to enjoy the nods, waves, and hellos from the few people I pass while walking (at a far distance). One approaching woman and I both moved off the sidewalk and to the road at the same time. We both chuckled and she said, “we are all learning our pedestrian manners.” I have so few in-person conversations nowadays that I cherish these interchanges.

Friday Afternoon 4-10-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Winton Road
    • Danbury Circle North
    • Bonnie Brae Avenue
    • Newton Drive
    • Antlers Drive
    • Avalon Drive
    • Buckland Avenue
    • Hollywood Avenue

Newton Avalon

Tree Lined Street Brighton NY

Cream Stone House

Stone Doorway

US Mail Truck


Saturday Afternoon 4-11-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Torrington Drive
    • Brooklawn Drive
    • Lynnwood Drive
    • Hollyvale Drive
    • Cohasset Drive
    • Danbury Circle South
    • Bonnie Brae Avenue
    • Victoria Drive
    • South Winton Road

Brooklawn Hollyvale

Spring Tree

Small Ranch

Star on Door

Hollyvale Sign

Book Lending

Saturday Evening 4-11-20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Continental Drive
    • Monroe Avenue
    • Torrington Drive
    • Hampshire Drive
    • Irving Road


Street Blue House

Statue Planter

Flowering Tree

Dog in Yard

Sunday Morning 4/12/20

  • Streets Walked
    • Pittsford Trail System (Railroad Loop Trail)
    • Allens Creek Road
    • Westfall Road
    • Willowbend Road
    • Willowcrest Drive
    • Shalimar Drive
    • Maywood Drive
    • Edgwood Avenue
    • Pickford Drive
    • Modelane



Blue Circle House

horse on lawn

Endurance Quote Chalk

Monday Afternoon 4/13/20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Valley Road

Valley Road

Valley Road

valley road spring

Wednesday Evening 4/15/20

  • Streets Walked
    • Elmwood Avenue
    • Torrington Drive
    • Brooklawn Drive
    • Northcumberland Road
    • Bradford Road
    • Wilmot Road
    • Susquehanna Road
    • Roosevelt Road
    • Monroe Avenue (Route 31)
    • Edgeview Lane
    • Troy Road
    • Westfall Road

Brooklawn Monroe Edgewood

Forsythia Hedge


Cherub with Bell

Bottle Tree

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson

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