Fourth Flower Show

meditation and national photo entries

Two weeks ago, I entered my 4th Flower Show (“Celebrations in May”). I almost didn’t participate but I decided to enter a photo since it is more fun to attend when I have a personal connection to the show. I was called last minute to enter another photo and make a brooch since they needed all 4 places filled for the entries in a category to be filled. A friend said that I did a good deed. Maybe she said that since my entries were all failures.

I entered 3 classes and received two – honorable mentions (4th place) and one – 3rd place but it was really a 4th place (more details on that below). So it was a failure for me but as my companion Dennis said, I knew I would not place well because of “lack of prep, time, effort, and lack of caring”. I thought the lack of caring was a bit harsh but if I cared more I would have taken the time to make my entries better. I also would have taken the time to find the photography rules since I had never entered a photograph before.

1st place brooch.jpg

Class 1 – “Celebrating Wildflower Week”

The above photo is the 1st place brooch.

1st place brooch materials

I like the idea of making a key to show materials used.

2nd place brooch

2nd place brooch. This one was my favorite. It uses pussy willows.

3rd place brooch

3rd place brooch

For the background, I glued corn husk together and covered it with sheet moss. Since this was a last minute entry, I used materials I had at my place. I cut bay leaves from my spice drawer and painted them. I had the dried miniature Button Chrysanthemum from a past flower show entry.

The judges comments for my brooch, “We question one of the material used. Nicely executed.” I asked later and they did not believe that I used corn husk. I guess they are not allowed to pick up the piece to see the back.

This was my second time to enter a brooch in a flower show and I did not do well the first time either. My wildflower brooch this year really was 4th place because someone who said she would bring one, did not. The Flower Show Committee made a simple one so that the others could be judged.

4th place brooch

4th place brooch but it was made quickly by the Flower Show Committee to enable the other entries to be judged.

Now on to the photos. I used what I had and did not get them professionally printed. I don’t like glossy paper so I did not use it. As I did not read the rules, maybe it is supposed to be on glossy paper. Anyway, I knew when I entered that mine would come in 4th place. Plus I made it easy for the judges.

1st place national photo.jpg

Class 3 – “National Photo Month”

1st place photo

2nd place national photo

2nd place photo

3rd place national photo

3rd place photo

4th place national photo

4th place photo

This photo is one I took in the past year from the front deck of my parents Lake House. The judges comments to me were, “It needed more interest and drama in the foreground. Lacks an interesting focal point.”

1st place meditation photo

Class 4 – “Meditations Day”

1st place photo

2nd place meditation photo.jpg

2nd place photo

3rd place meditation photo

3rd place photo

4th place meditation photo

4th place photo

I struggled with finding a last minute meditation photo in the correct orientation. I had some Buddha ones in portrait. It had to be in black and white.

As usual, I enjoyed participating in the Botanical Arts division of a flower show .

1st Flower Show

2nd Flower Show

3rd Flower Show

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