Outer Space Day Preschool Camp

Astronaut Pasta Lunch

The theme for our third day of Aunt Kathy’s Preschool Camp was outer space. Our previous themes were Australia and Dinosaurs/Volcanoes.

This Astronaut lunch was prepared for my 28 month old nephew. He loves pasta! He did not eat the astronaut or carrots.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Fruit: Apple moons and stars (I peeled the apples and then dipped them in a solution of water with a little bit of lemon juice to prevent browsing. Then, I used a variety of small cookie cutters to cut the star and moon shapes.)

Vegetable: Carrot moons and stars (I used small cookie cutters to cut the carrots. I like to use a folded dish towel between my hand and the metal cookie cutter. It prevents the metal cutter from hurting my hand.)

Background: Farfalline pasta with tomato sauce

Astronaut: Lasagna noodle with food marker details (I used kitchen scissors to freehand cut the Astronaut.)

Spaceship Pasta Lunch

I made this pasta rocket lunch for my nephew who is almost five. I was inspired by this lunch by BentoLunch.net . My nephew ate almost all of this lunch. There was only a little pasta left.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Background: Farfalline pasta with peas and carrot stars

Rocket: White and orange cheddar cheese

Nuts: Cashews

Fruit: Blueberries

Preschool: Our focus of the day was outer space, astronauts, and rockets. We practiced counting down from 5, read books about astronauts, and made rockets out of paper towel tubes. We had a lot of fun all day playing with a space themed sensory box. We played with glue and glitter (on Aunt Kathy’s porch) to make star art. We pretended to be astronauts. Everyone had fun playing in a refrigerator box converted to a rocket ship (Aunt Kathy was the only one to not go inside the box).

My husband and I made this simple astronaut costume out of a 35 oz utz Halloween Pretzel Treats container and a white pillow case.

Astronaut Costume

Easy Astronaut Costume

We mostly followed these directions to make rockets out of paper towel tubes.

Handmade Paper Rockets

Paper Towel Tube Rockets

This was my first time making a sensory box. I followed these directions to create a space themed sensory box. I could not find star shaped pasta so I used dried black beans and dried navy beans. I also used the Space themed Toob set. This sensory box was a huge hit! My younger nephew loved this so much. He played with it off and on for long lengths of time throughout the day.

Space Themed Sensory Box

Space Themed Sensory Box

I took a refrigerator box and covered one side with space themed paper I found at the Dollar Tree. The kids decorated the other side. We had this box outside and inside (it started to rain). The kids loved it!

Space Themed Refrigerator Box

Space Refrigerator Box

We did our own version of glitter sponge painting. We cut stars from sponges, dipped in glue, then sprinkled with glitter. But we were inspired by this (scroll down).

Star Glitter Craft in Process

Glitter Star Craft

Star Glitter Craft

Glitter Stars Finished

Our afternoon snack was Cheddar Rocket Crackers from Trader Joe’s.

Rocket Snack

Rocket Cracker Snack

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12 Responses to Outer Space Day Preschool Camp

  1. micahkunkle says:

    Mmmm it looks good! I love it!

  2. Mary Lee says:

    Fun and educational projects! You run a great camp!

  3. mtetar says:

    Nice activities and a great snack. Be A Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

  4. me says:

    I love the rocket ship bento! It looks great!

  5. Your bento & activities are out of this world šŸ™‚

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