Dinosaur and Volcano Day Preschool Camp

Volcano Lunch

Dinosaurs and Volcanoes were the topics for our second day of Aunt Kathy’s Preschool Camp.

This Volcano with Dinosaur pizza lunch was prepared for my 12 year old nephew. He was one of my two teachers for our preschool camp. My 14 year old niece was our second teacher. I acted as principal/co-teacher.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Fruit: Strawberries

Vegetable: Cucumber

Volcano & Dinosaur: Homemade pizza. I shaped the volcano by hand. I tried several versions but was happiest with this one. The only sauce was the lava, the rest was cheese. I cut the dinosaur pizza with a dinosaur cookie cutter. Broccoli trees.

Yogurt: Raspberry yogurt to represent lava

Dino Pizza

I made this dinosaur lunch for my 28 month old nephew. He seemed to enjoy the pizzas. His older brother received a Dinosaur themed Muffin tin meal. I will post it when it is the weekly theme for Muffin Tin Monday.

Container: EasyLunchBoxes

Fruit:  Grapes cut in half

Vegetable: Green Peas (he did not eat the peas)

Dinosaurs: Homemade pizzas, crust was cut with a dinosaur pizza cutter

Preschool: Our focus of the day was dinosaurs, volcanoes and the letter D. I made a volcano play mat with bean bag dinosaurs. We played with dinosaurs frozen in an ice egg. The young nephews were thrilled to go on a dinosaur themed egg hunt. We played with dinosaur and volcano stick puppets. Our afternoon snack was a dino dig in pudding. My niece made a paper mache volcano and we all enjoyed watching it explode. We also used Q-tips to paint dots on dinosaurs.

I sewed a volcano mat using fleece. I followed these directions. It was my first time sewing fleece and my first time with a new sewing machine. It is not perfect but the result is fine. I used this template and modified it for the dinosaurs. I used decorative felt and filled them with dried lentils.

Volcano Mat with Dinosaurs

Volcano Mat with Dinosaurs

I was so pleased to find these directions. It was not a hot day but we still had fun with the dinosaurs in ice. My 28 month nephew in particular was fascinated by these.

Plastic Dinosaur in Ice Egg

Dino in Ice Egg

Dinosaurs Freed from their Ice Eggs

Dinos on Porch

My 12 year old nephew came up with the idea of having an egg hunt. We put dinosaur stickers and plastic dinosaurs in various plastic eggs. My niece and nephew enjoyed preparing for this hunt and my young nephews had a great hunt, fun opening their eggs and enjoyed playing with their rewards.

Dinosaur Egg Hunt

Dino Egg Hunt

We made volcano and dinosaur stick puppets. We found it here and used this for the dinosaurs. My niece made the design for the volcano.

Volcano and Dinosaur Stick Puppets

Dino Puppets with Volcano

I spent quite a bit of time looking for dinosaur dig ideas. When I found this edible dinosaur dig idea, I knew that it would be perfect for our afternoon snack. Everyone from the teachers to students, enjoyed this fun dig. My nephew who is almost 5 said, “This is very special”. When they found the dinosaurs in the pudding, I quickly washed the dinosaurs so they could play with them.

Dinosaur Dig Snack

Edible Dino Dig

Dinosaur Revealed

Dino Visible in Dig

My niece made this awesome volcano with paper mache and spray paint. We put a small plastic cup in the top to hold the baking soda and vinegar. She dyed the vinegar red before pouring. Everyone was mesmerized by this activity.

Volcano Starting to Erupt

Volcano Begin Eruption

Continued Eruption

Volcano Eruption

Watching Volcano Eruption

Kids with Volcano

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16 Responses to Dinosaur and Volcano Day Preschool Camp

  1. micahkunkle says:

    Cool! 🙂

  2. This is all too cute!! I am going to have to try one of these with my little grandson!

  3. The volcano bento is genius!

  4. I hope you have space left in this camp. I know about a zillion kids who would love to enroll!!! What a great program 😉

  5. coconutcraze says:

    The volcano action always thrill kids. I remember my son doing it in a science fair and had a good crowd to cheer every time it erupted. Such an interesting and informative camp! Good job!

  6. Sarah says:

    Love the volcano

  7. me says:

    this day looks the most fun of them all! I love the volcano bento and the dinosaur dig snack

  8. kvjinc says:

    Volcano pizza-great idea!

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